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Reviewed xln telecom on Monday, July 8, 2019

Gosh, I cannot believe how XLN have managed to clear up all the negative reviews on the web about the reality and truth of what they were doing. We all went through the academy as they called it, it was training programme made up of a few months so called training where you basically worked the field for free all the while conning others into signing up with XLN and if you didn't get people into contracts and their dd details at the same time you were deemed an utter failure. The carrot they would dangle in front of you was the promise of becoming a manager with an amazing salary package plus large bonuses. It was a con and they conned everyone one else i.e. customers. Its appalling how they have managed to weasel out of any of this, just shows money speaks. Oh and did I mention that the owner of XLN Christian Nellemann is a millionaire? And dubbed successful entrepreneur? No wonder he has made his millions fast! Anyone can do so by conning and using people! Just google his face, it reflects the nastiness in his heart! And do I am not an ex-bitter employee! We never were employed, just used and we are speaking the truth but the reality is that we are a minority and not millionaires so no one would believe what we would have to say, maybe that is also how he has managed to get away with all the wrongdoings!

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