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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

I'll start by saying that I WISH I had trusted the reviews on here more.
I did a 3 day trial with Boostgram back in January 2019. The trial worked great, so I was convinced, but wanted to wait until I had more content on my IG.
Fast forward to now, July 2019. I paid for one week and it worked great again. Plenty of new followers and much more activity. However I did not authorize them to charge my card again, but they did, oh well. What really got me though was that the second week that they were supposed to offer a service, a service I apparently paid for, NOTHING happened. Absolutely no activity from them on my IG. Any new followers and likes were strictly from my own promotion of myself. During that week I maybe liked about 5 photos, hoping to give Boostgram a chance to start liking again. Nothing. (Later on they had the audacity to say that because of those FIVE LIKES that my IG was at capacity for the number of likes I could give - which I know is absolute BS).
Well I reached out to see what the hell was going on and didn't hear back. So I reached out again, nothing. On my third try where I stated my issues with their services and asked to cancel they gave me the runaround. Refused to tell me how to cancel and refused a refund and even refused to acknowledge any slip up on their end. I don't understand how they're not understanding that I PAID FOR A SERVICE I DID NOT RECEIVE. They've even gone as far as to blame me for their lack of activity. I wouldn't get responses to my emails for days at a time, so if you're trying to cancel, do it days in advance at least, since they make it so you have to contact them to cancel. Not very convenient when they don't respond or refuse to give you a clear answer. I've been given the runaround for nearly a month now. Every few emails make it seem like they haven't paid attention to a word I have said and keep asking the same questions that I've already answered or they'll rephrase things they've already said. I finally asked if since they can't give out a refund, if they'd let me have a free week to make up for the week I paid for where nothing happened. They said they'd credit my account but I'd need to activate it again, thus giving them my card info again after all this bullshit, I don't think so. Oh, and they took screenshots of the heightened IG activity that I got BY MYSELF THROUGH MY OWN DAMN SELF PROMOTION that inactive week and claimed that THEY did that. (I already have a large following that I gained organically without help).

I had to file a claim with my bank as well as report their business.
Please trust these negative reviews.
This company works well sometimes but it's a gamble and not worth the risk and headache if they decide to totally screw you like they did me and plenty of others.

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