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Reviewed Earnin on Sunday, August 25, 2019

Earnin's app is great if you can afford to pay the tip each week. The max amount they allow changes from what they claim is a advanced formula and can't be max was $1,000 for months and I was paying 5% on top every pay period, as soon as I decided I wanted to start to lower it incrementally each pay period Earnin' was not happy. I tip 5% on each loan, over two weeks that is an excellent APR, almost usury. I had to ask for my max to be lowered to 950, then 900, then 850 then 800 as I would expect from the criteria that is I am spending less in tips each pay period but the incremental change to my budget is only $50, affordable...then they decide my max should be $500...$300 lower in one pay am I supposed to afford that with a tight budget constraint of $50? They say it can't be increased, like some magic AI robot controls everything, what a joke of customer service. The plus side, I will reach my $0 Earnin' app usage quicker since they lowered it so much, very excited to never rely on the app again!

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