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Reviewed Earnin on Friday, September 6, 2019

I have had nothing but problems with this company. I rarely use it but when I have its been issue after issue. I have provided my info for my personal bank account. I have sent multiple screen shots of my pay stubs. I have sent multiple screen shots of my bank account after all that. I give the app permission to track my location at all times. THEN every time I was opening the app it was asking for more screen shots. I found out that my app needed to be deleted and reinstalled. I did that, I was able to cash out, hadnt used it in 6 months or so? Then what happens...they take the money back the day before I got paid, fortunately my husbands paycheck was in there to cover it. I chat with support, they ask me to send MORE screen shots to which I replied you have ENOUGH. I just told Marnelli, the agent I chatted with, who was VERY VERY UNHELPFUL to delete my account, I am so over it. I also asked for my "tip" back because their service wasnt performed correctly. Marnelli then deleted all the previous support messages, (I have screen shots). This company is a JOKE.

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