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Reviewed Hostinger on Sunday, September 29, 2019

Hostinger sells "B M W" and delivers "T A T A N a n o" ?
Long term UNLIMITED contracts not respected by Hostinger.
Hostinger sold, for more than six years, the unlimited paid plans, which now they cut sharply and force all customers to accept the cuts without complaint, pushing them into abusive and dictatorial terms of service, manipulated and cutted at hostinger's will.
A scam from a gang of people who act like criminals, that sells cat for hare, and disappoints paying customers. Misleading advertising that has increased its customer base by 20,000,000 in recent years. Now, instead of increasing capacity of her servers, cuts the furnished conditions from unlimited to what Hostinger wants. A dictatorship. No respect. I think it is real scam! Don't you?

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