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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

The funny thing is that I've used AdvancedMD for years and never enjoyed the service and can't help but laugh when I read these one star reviews, cause they are all true. Poor customer service. No technical support. Out dated glitchy slow software. I would switch if I could, but I have too many patient's in their software. I currently have a problem where my bills are being billed to the secondary payor first which is creating more work for me because I have to correct the billing order and then rebill the claims. I bring up the problem, see what is happening, ask them to fix it, and they won't. I don't think there are software engineers that work for AdvancedMD, because the first layer customer service won't escalate the case to someone who can fix it. I would imagine if there were software engineers they could send the problem to the software engineers to fix, and they would. No problem. But they wouldn't send the problem and therefore no one fixes it.

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