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Reviewed Scala Hosting on Tuesday, March 26, 2019

I'm almost at a loss for words because of the exceptional service I have had with them!

First of all, they don't seem to do the bait and switch that most companies do. What they advertise as the price of hosting is what you pay, not some teaser rate, knowing that you won't want to move. But their rates are better than most of the other companies being advertised, so why play games. Just start here and stay here!

Second and this is why I am so impressed with them, the support I've gotten from them is better than I've ever had at any hosting company. I've talked with the same person George T. on a few occasions and first off, he knows their product. He knows enough to give suggestions and ways to improve upon what I was trying to do. Second he follows through, no sending a ticket and waiting for days and having to contact them six more times... I had a minor issue and he looked into it. Informed me that what I wanted to do would require them to make some changes on the server I was on.

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