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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

I have been a GloboTech customer for several years, if you are in the process of finding yourself a dedicated server host. It’s surely here that your search will end. For the few little pines I met during my long stay with them. I can assure you that the experts at GloboTech solved the problems in a matter of minutes. I’ve never seen such fast service before. I have been a client of several other companies and when we can compare it it is day and night.

A dedicated server or a Web server is most of the time the basis of success in your business projects and your most extraordinary ideas. You need to focus on growing your business, not wasting precious time fighting with your server. Rest assured that at GloboTech you will have peace of mind. I have been a satisfied customer for all of its years. I assure you that during all my years, only once has there been a "Downtime" of a few minutes (less than 4 minutes). Their network infrastructure is solid. I confirm it to you.

It is with sadness that I have pushed myself to new challenges.

Pierre O.
GloboTech customer for several years.

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