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Reviewed on Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I like this hosting service provider very much. I have a very successful online business and it is totally depending on host1plus’s awesome service. So I am also depending on them because this domain is my major income. My webhosting history is not a big one. During this short period of time, I was able to build a business empire thanks to reliable and trustworthy service of host1plus. My beginning was not as smooth as my current status. I was struggling to make the domain in my dreams. I tried with several web hosts. But with unsatisfactory results. Finally I came to the correct place. Host1plus gave me an utmost support. I shall never forget that. They assigned a special officer for me in the process of uploading and establishing my domain. His name is Modestas. This Modestas guy is a genius. He knew exactly what to do to help me. Beside host1plus has a great reputation as a very stable host server. Their security level is extreme. Security breach is an almost impossible thing. So I can exchange some highly confident and private data using my domain without fear of security breach. I am totally satisfied with their service.

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