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Friday, February 21, 2020 make me loose a lot money. They really tricks us with that Reseller Plan on WHM, after a month, with acceptable errors occurring we decided to pay the annual plan. Then the nightmare began ... Every 3 hours there were 20 minutes of downtime, every day at the same times ..., they replied that they were updates. Every day for 7 days? We lost customers because of the company.

We started asking for the $82 refund, but they denied the refund saying it had been 30 days. What these stupid people don't understand is that the refund should also be returned in cases of very poor service.

I asked my lawyer what to do, he is trying to file a lawsuit, it was then that we found out: do not have a physical office in the USA or even have permission to work in the USA. Not even to employ people! They use a VOIP number with very bad English from the attendants!

What can I say?! run away from Hostripples

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