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Monday, April 27, 2020

There seems to be many good reviews for this host. I can say from a host service they may be fine. But as a business, They are terrible.

I run an online travel business consisting of many different websites targeting different search phrases etc. We use some small 3 page websites as billboards directing people to us.

This is what I used host ripples for. A 3 page website that sits online as a billboard or future use as a bigger site.

After years paying $12 for this site to be hosted with them, they have raised their rates 600% to $75 per year.

This is ridiculous on it's own let alone for a tiny little site we don't care about much.

The same day the invoice was paid I asked for a refund and for them to go ahead and
cancel my service.

They play games with email responses for two days with you and then say, Oh sorry,

we are not going to refund you. We are going to rob you and keep your money.

This is terrible business. Do they really believe the $75 they just took from me is worth more than this review?

Worse than all the other reviews I am going to leave on different sites?

When someone leaves a bad review on a business online, there is no way
to quantify exactly how many customers you will lose for eternity.

How many people read a review and just try someone else.

I would try someone else. These people are highway robbery.

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