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Reviewed WebHost.uk on Friday, August 23, 2013

I will start by saying that I am on a shared server, Webhost.uk.net used to be a decent company at one time and I personally have been a customer for almost three years now and to say that they have become the worst hosting partner is an understatement to say the least. Over the past six months I have had nothing but problems and the non-English support is patchy at best, if you get someone who actually knows what they are doing then you will be fine but if you end up with one of the ones that doesn't speak English all that well then lord help you honestly and when I am telling them that a server is down their response is simply a joke. It has become apparent to me that they are a customer of someone else and they have some large VPS that they have sliced and that is what you are buying which is all well and good (the prices are low I will give them that) but when things go bad they haven't got a clue how or why and it is a tad concerning when a web servers file permissions have been changed and they cannot tell you who or when it was done they just seem to shrug their shoulders and tell their customer "tuff we don't know who did it" they change your password at the drop of the hat rather than workout what has gone on. I have calculated that I have lost in excess of 30 hours in the last month alone sorting out issues and that is money I have now decided that I will not lose again and I am going to get myself a VPS of my own you can pick them up for as little as £9.99 a month with people like 123-reg or 1&1 and yes you do not get the friendly cPanel but you do get more access and a lot more stability.

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