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daveweathertop's Reviews

Reviewed CWCS on Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I am happy with the service I get from CWCS. They have answered all my questions within 24 hours. They have made 95% of all the changes I have asked for within 24 hours and 100% within 48 hours. They have pointed me to websites for information when it was applicable. They have been very helpful. When I phone up I get through to a person I need to speak to 99% of the time, which is a better than when I phone my local shop to order coal, so phone answering is very good. I decided to use CWCS based on the reviews I read. I had never meet or spoken to anyone who had used their service. I did phone a few providers before deciding to go with CWCS. The reviews I read accounted for 75% of why I decided to use CWCS. What clinched it was my first phone call to CWCS where I found their attitude refreshing. I would be happy to recommend the CWCS service.

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