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Review written for TransIP on Monday, October 21, 2013

I found TransIP while searching the web for VPS providers located in the Europe region. I initially found their Dutch site: transip.nl and took a look at their VPS plans. The site was in Dutch but I was able to make out what their offers were and I found them to be very well priced for the specifications. They were having a promotion on the BladeVPS line of VPS where the first month was half price, this was a positive point. After a little searching, I found the English language site at transip.eu. They were having the same promotion at this site as well so I decided to order a BladeVPS X4 for 10 EUR the first month and 20 EUR therafter. The order process was smooth and easy. There was a point where they carried out phone verification, they had me enter a phone number and gave me a secret number to enter in when called. This initially surprised me as I do not encounter phone verifications very often (I live in North America). The phone verification was straight-forward with no difficulties. I entered in my billing details and the payment was quickly processed. I received email confirmation which told me that my server would be set up immediately. According to the timestamp on my emails, my order was accepted at 1202 and my server was provisioned by 1207pm. It only took 5 minutes. I am very happy with this. My operating system of choice is FreeBSD. This OS is provided by TransIP and I am pleased to say that every aspect of the installation process can be customized. TransIP provides VNC console access through the control panel from which the OS installation process can be carried out. When choosing FreeBSD as the OS, the ISO for the OS is mounted and the VPS is booted into the ISO. I expect it will be similar for other OS. This means that the OS installation is carried out by the user. For novice users this may be a challenging task, but for the experienced user it is routine. There are some VPS providers who do not provide this flexibility, they will just install the OS for you and will not allow you to carry out a custom installation, they will refuse to boot your system into the installation ISO. Carrying out a custom installation requires some familiarity with the OS. Having this flexibility is a major positive point with me. I have been with TransIP for two months now and I can say that I am happy with the service. There has been one occurrence where the VPS lost network connectivity and I had to restart networking on the VPS. I brought this up with TransIP and they carried out investigation to pinpoint the cause. They reported that there seemed to be nothing wrong on their end and advised me to contact them if I experience this issue again. This is a minor inconvenience which has only occurred once. In summary, TransIP is a quality VPS provider that provides flexibility. I recommend TransIP.

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