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Reviewed 5quidhost Ltd on Saturday, March 3, 2012

I have been with 5quid host for nearly a year. To start of everything was ok, but then problems started.

Every time you ring them or email them your ISP is the one to blame. You need to keep doing all test just to prove your point and prove its issue at their end. What a waste of time and money.

Customer service is very poor too. Takes ages to get response. When you ring them it always goes to voice mail. If you want to report a problem (option 2) there is warring that you will be charged if there is no issue.

Shared hosting uses very limited resources, so forget to run more then one website on "everlasting" hosting. There are constant speed issues, access issues, etc.

Try to use FTP client. Constantly times you out. When reported problem they told me its my ISP fault, then after half a day got email, this time it was firewall fault.

I have been working in IT 13 years by know. I have degree in IT and Telecommunications systems so I am not amateur. I would class my self as IT professional.

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