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Review written for Telesphere on Friday, November 22, 2013

Telesphere has been mostly bad since we started service with them about 2 years ago. Their customer support team does not seem to be able to look at previous notes, how our account is set up, etc. Any time I call in a trouble ticket I have to explain in detail the special way in which our network is designed. It's quite frustrating and only about half of the technicians seem to understand what I am asking. There are many times when lines are routed incorrectly, outbound caller ID's are changed, lines appear to be disconnected....all for no apparent reason. And they can never give a solid answer as to what caused the issues in the first place. Secondly, we have a sales rep who is supposed to help with billing issues, special service requests, etc. It usually takes him a few days to get back to me (unless I'm adding a service), but only after I've hounded him for a response. Also, when I submit a trouble ticket it typically takes a whole day to get a response. This is unacceptable when it comes to an employee not having a phone or internet connection. We use the receptionist console software. This software is not very user-friendly. It's difficult to learn and difficult to explain to new employees. It also doesn't seem to be supported very well by Telesphere. It's never updated and in fact it requires an old version of Java, so if you have another program that requires a new version of Java, you will have a conflict. Our bill is also never correct. I have to go through it line by line and contact them with corrections (which my sales rep rarely responds to). They had a great sales pitch and I'll say that their sales team was great for the first few months, but now that we've been a customer for years, it's hard to get in touch with anybody. I would not recommend Telesphere, but if you do go with them, call in your support requests rather than emailing, call your sales rep rather than emailing, and check your bill carefully each month for inaccurate charges.

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