Recent Reviews for Non-Profit CRM Software Companies 2016

Non-Profit CRM Software allows charities and non-profit organizations the ability to manage and maintain their contacts databases, whether it's sponsors, staff or donors. Managing all these contacts from one location can greatly increase the efficiency of a charity or non-profit organization.

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Non-Profit CRM Software

Orange Leap

Reviewed by Joe C from Life Foundation

Orange Leap is a solid piece of CRM software that enables my organization to easily manage all of our current and potent... Read More

Reviewed on 30 May 2014

Non-Profit CRM Software


Reviewed by Rhonda Bennett

Very good idea and extremely useful to many organizations! Will most assuredly make a difference in any fund raising pr... Read More

Reviewed on 03 February 2014

Non-Profit CRM Software

Method Integration

Reviewed by Robin Hall

I have been consulting on QuickBooks for about 15 years. The more that I consult with clients on QuickBooks, the more th... Read More

Reviewed on 23 August 2013

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