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About Get VOIP

Find the Right Cloud Communication Solution for Your Organization.

Our goal is to help shoppers make the best decision for their communication needs. To do this, our team delivers 100% unbiased and unfiltered content. Our team of experts spends hours each week researching and purchasing services from every provider mentioned on our site. In doing so, we’re able to develop top-notch honest information for our readers, based on our own hands-on experience. Additionally, we supplement our extensive editorial analysis with actual users’ feedback and reviews to provide balanced and accurate experiences. With GetVoIP, you’re given a fuller picture, which can help you to choose the best communication provider to accommodate your needs.

Our team also regulates content regularly. Our comparison charts are updated daily. Also, each service provider and company is independently tested for Reliability, Cost Effectiveness, Performance, Customer Service and variety of other aspects. We don't just take the providers' word for it, we dig into the service and dissect the provider on many levels.

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