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About Responster

Customer Problem

Surveying is often time-consuming, expensive and complex, not to mention difficult to manage. Managing surveying yourself takes time and often requires a good knowledge of how to create a great survey and how to analyze the collected data. Hiring someone to do it is expensive and usually gives you results long after the customer's opinion was started. Responster solves all of the above by being simple, cheap, smart as well as instant.

Products & Services

Responster is the simple solution for surveying on many different platforms with the same survey tool. It maximizes your reach while minimizing time spent on creating and collecting. We excel at on-site surveying and surveying in places with poor/no network connections eg. at sea or in the air. Getting a survey up and running takes less than 10 minutes and you can design it to match your brand and style.

Target Market

Medium-sized to large businesses with an interest in customers and customer service or with a need for employee feedback. Smaller companies with the above needs and companies/organizations who need lead generation are secondary targets.There are future plans to include B2C sales as well, this idea is covered more thoroughly in our pitch.

Competitive Advantage

-Reach, we want the user to utilize one form to reach all of their intended respondents, regardless of the platform.

-Simplicity. We provide the user with a dead simple UI/UX and have excellent support and tutorials. Customers should be able to focus on improving instead of on creation and collection.

-Connectivity. Even if you lose connection during collection of data, your data is safe and will be uploaded when connectivity is regained.

Management Team

As a diverse group of young and innovative people, and with expertise from Investors, we are confident that our creations are a modern take on classic problems.

Key Features

  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Data Analysis Tools
  • Email Distribution
  • Embeddable Survey
  • Kiosk Survey
  • Mobile Survey
  • Multiple Question Types
  • Offline Response Collection
  • Question Branching
  • Skip Logic

Responster Screenshots

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