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What is aACE Software?

In 2002, the aACE Software founding team came together while developing a business software package that was robust yet appealing for one of midtown Manhattan’s premier creative agencies. As they expanded to create new tools for additional clients, the team organized as Avant Garde Information Solutions, LLC (dba aACE Software). They gradually crafted a compelling product, envisioned as a comprehensive, yet affordable ERP solution for small businesses. After 15 years of close collaboration with clients from many industries, that initial product has evolved into a software suite designed around the end-user. The aACE 5 suite is artisan software, which our clients describe as a delight to deploy and a pleasure to use. It is a comprehensive tool that seamlessly supports sales, operations, and accounting teams, yet is also flexible, affordable, and elegant.

aACE clients have called our solution “the best in everything,” “a major improvement over QuickBooks,” and “a critical component to the success of our company’s future.” aACE offers a sleek and intuitive design that gives our clients a 360° view of their business in one easy-to-use, comprehensive package. This newest version of aACE is the culmination of over a decade of research and development, during which we worked closely with our clients to perfect a business management software tailored for the needs of SMEs. This customer-centered product evolution is visible in attention paid to details of navigation, searching, error messages, logging, and interface design.

We’re constantly hearing from our clients that their day-to-day operations have improved since implementing aACE. Derek Navratil from Essential Water Solutions Inc. explains that when he researched aACE, he recognized something noteworthy. “[The aACE team] initially struck me as unique, refreshingly knowledgeable, and very in-tune with the modern demands of an ERP software package – solving problems with their software that no one else seemed to give a second thought.” Similarly, Todd Breedlove relates, “I’ve done ten or more demos of competing packages and they want to sell you on how to adjust your workflow to fit their software. aACE showed me how the software can be built around my business and my workflow.”

aACE solves the inefficiencies and lost opportunities that arise from a software suite not fitted carefully to a small or mid-sized business’ unique needs. It offers a compelling alternative for business owners who feel dissatisfied with browser-based solutions like NetSuite, open-source solutions like xTuple, or client/server solutions like QuickBooks, Dynamics, and Sage. When clients transition to aACE, they report greater visibility, accuracy, and velocity. These benefits translate into improved employee morale, increased customer satisfaction, and a healthier bottom line.

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What is aACE Software?

aACE Software Product Details

aACE is a comprehensive tool, tailored to the needs of small and mid-sized enterprises, that seamlessly supports sales, operations, and accounting. As the letters in our name suggest, aACE unifies A-ccounting, C-ustomer relationship management, and E-nterprise resource planning into an integrated package. The newly-released aACE 5 is artisan software which our clients describe as a delight to deploy and a pleasure to use. Flexible, affordable, and elegant, this latest version of aACE realizes the team’s vision of Art in ERP.

In addition to accounting, CRM, and ERP, core aACE functionality includes inventory, order management, production, shipping & receiving, and scheduling.

aACE accommodates most client needs right out of the box. And because it is built on the FileMaker platform, aACE can be customized easily, efficiently, and cost effectively. Each client has unique in-house expertise acquired during their years in business, and aACE makes it simple to translate those insights into custom apps that streamline processes, boost productivity, and maximize their competitive advantage.

Our customers span a range of industries, including professional services, wholesale distribution, and light manufacturing. Client organizations have as few as five and as many as 500 personnel. But they all share the same need for an integrated, cost-effective, cross-platform suite of business management software, robust enough to support their entire business — that’s where aACE comes in.

Countries aACE Software Services Available In

Each region has specific regulatory requirements, which places a heavy demand on a software package. Out of the box, aACE does not currently support clients outside of the United States.

However, we are currently working with select clients in the EU, U.K., and Canada to flesh out the required features. We plan to expand support to these areas in the near future and to other locales after that. Check back with us soon!

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17 Reviews

Last reviewed on
03 January 2019

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

It does just about anything you could need, we needed builds, i.e. a sale item that is composed of several other items, to keep our inventory straight. Probably the biggest advantage is that my accountant can directly access our server and get what she needs when she needs it. It is overall very easy to use and we have over 800 SKU's so that is important.

It is very easy to use and at the same time a very comprehensive and versatile product.

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Friday, March 31, 2017

I have been an aACE user for about 8 years and I find myself constantly impressed with functionality and use of the system. aACE offers a wide range of reports and views that allow me and my coworkers visibility to the things we need in order to manage our clients and projects.

Additionally, working with the aACE team has been incredible. Their team is thoughtful and readily available. They are open to talk through specific business problems and offer up solutions that cater to our needs.

The customization available in this system is helpful for our business -- allowing us to create unique reports and views that are specific to our projects and clients.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

aACE transformed our order fulfillment process during implementation by helping us see trouble spots in our processes. aACE was able to customize a few key components for us very intelligently that now just work. Exactly the way we need them to. Employee adoption was slow to start, like most ERP's, but now even our most technology-adverse employees use aACE as reliably as the notepad beside their mouse.

Three years later, we're going strong and preparing to launch new initiatives to promote future growth. That process requires a lot of thought and preparation, but one thing we don't have to worry about is if aACE can handle it. There have been several occasions in our company strategy meetings where the question is asked "Can aACE do that?" and it's a pleasure every time when I get to say, "Yeah that's already built in."

The software is intuitive, smart, and reliable. From first glance to present day, I'm continually impressed by how aACE works the way you expect it to.

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Monday, March 20, 2017

Changing software can be the biggest nightmare, and I am ever grateful that we chose to change to aACE. We have been using aACE for 8 years and going with their advanced integrated software was our best decision ever.

It was necessary for the software to be customized to our needs. We manufacture men's custom dress shirts, and tracking inventory is critical to us. This software works better than we ever hoped.

The best part is their support team, which is exceptional, being prompt, knowledgeable and professional. No virtual attendants here.

Thank you aACE for becoming part of our company.

Recommendations to other buyers: If you need to change your software for any reason, contact aACE. You, too, will realize just how amazing they are.

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Friday, March 17, 2017

We have been using aACE since 2009 and are very impressed with the ease of use and customisation options. We were struggling for years with an off the shelf CRM and accounts solution that just didn't suit our business. We then found aACE and spent time with the developers to customise it and make it work exactly how we wanted it. The customisation and the migration of our data were seamless with lots of training offered to all our users. Any changes we required were actioned quickly & the ongoing customer support has been fantastic.

3 years ago we decided to completely integrate our production schedule with a calendar into aACE for our workshop and despatch department to access too. It has enabled our sales team to spend more time selling rather than copying data and everybody within the company has access to all the information required to complete an order without any issues or miscommunication.

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Friday, March 10, 2017

We have been using aACE since 2010. The system has proven time and again to be a structurally sound and reliable business information workhorse. Downtime is barely measurable, though we process thousands of transactions a day. Our specific workflows called for a flexible central platform that we could bolt on customized work-area specific tools. Implementing aACE, in the FileMaker environment, has proven to be the right solution to get us just that. The best testament to the system could be that at our 5 year business systems review, we decided to keep the existing aACE system and instead focus new development on our in-house built bolt-on modules. When the core is reliable, it frees us to innovate and develop better customized workflow improvements. We are happy with the aACE product. Users love the clean interface, speed, robust reporting and intuitive navigation.

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Thursday, March 9, 2017

If you are looking for a product that will lower your operating costs and reoccurring software costs, can run on almost any platform IOS, Windows, most Web Browsers and can be completely customized to your own business processes, then aACE is the best possible solution. After having worked with SAP, Oracle, Great Plains, Navision and a couple of other smaller solutions, I have never seen a software that can be modified so quickly and yet so cost effectively in the ERP space.

In addition to implementing aACE and using it for the past five years, aACE has helped us grow our business, increasing our ability to get solutions to the marketplace quickly and efficiently.

aACE pays attention to the details so you don't have too. aACE has designed a product that has a ton of functionality, but is really easy to use. If you want to gain control of your business and eliminate all of the islands of data that exist today, then I highly recommend you give aACE a call. They will not disappoint.

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Friday, March 3, 2017

We switched to aACE at the end of 2011, and can not even imagine ( or remember ) life before aACE. The system has streamlined our business operations to a level that we never thought possible. We have been able to trim our headcount in several areas, and achieve efficiencies we thought were only possible in dreams. The pre-sales process is very thorough and they work very hard to tailor the system to your business needs. The post-sale support is unmatched, probably because the ones doing the support actually wrote the software!

Believe what they tell you - from my perspective they have followed through on everything they have said, and then some.

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Friday, March 3, 2017

We started the implementation plan for aACE in 2011 and went live in 2012. The system has been able to fully integrate full scale accounting, construction project bidding and fulfillment, point of sale order processing, field service via iPad, web store management and fulfillment, and much more into one seamless package. aACE's team has been there every step of the way, and we couldn't be any happier.

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Friday, March 3, 2017

aACE has fixed all my software problems. Training new users is a snap. If ever there is an issue with the software I have a response in minutes and resolution soon after! Most of all it is affordable the out the door price is less than most ERP yearly maintenance. Set up a demo and you will see the benefits.

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