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What is Agility CMS?

Agility CMS is a headless content management platform that makes it fast and easy to build, manage, and maintain your content, wherever it needs to be.

Agility CMS is a Cloud-based CMS that is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in a multi-tenant architecture.

The Agility CMS platform empowers its users to create, customize, and manage websites, apps, eCommerce, and ticketing solutions from a central hub to deliver compelling experiences both on the front end and the back.

Agility CMS was built from the ground-up to be the fastest CMS on the market.

  • With Agility CMS’s headless architecture, customers can use the REST API or the sync SDK (or both) to interact with their content and send to any digital destination.
  • Agility CMS provides enterprise-level security and support. Agility hosts and completely abstracts away clients’ databases, so they never have to worry about maintenance or backups.
  • Being JAMstack focused, Agility CMS offers an easy Gatsby Starter and is recognized as Gatsby First Class Integration Partner.

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Agility CMS Key Features

Headless CMS

Page Management

Managed Cloud Hosting

Open Rest APIs

Multilingual and Multichannel

Team-Friendly Content Workflows

Optimized for Next-Gen JAMStack DevOps

Highly Scalable Architecture

Omnichannel Content Delivery

What is Agility CMS?

Agility CMS Product Details

Agility CMS works with many enterprise brands and has used its Microsoft Gold Partnership to scale massive deployments into the cloud.

FASTER DEVELOPMENT: Agility CMS helps customers and partners to cut down the development time by up to 95% for developing and launching content to multiple platforms.

FASTER WEBSITES AND APPS: The APIs are open standards and flexible. Websites, apps, etc. are all separated and hosted in environments that can have unlimited scalability. The APIs and files between Agility and these environments are blazing fast, running through CDN’s and in the best scenario running statically generated websites that reduce latency, improve speed and ensure uptime.

EASIER FOR DEVELOPERS: Agility CMS focuses on JAMstack, but developers can choose any development platform and framework (we offer starters for GatsbyJS, NextJS, NuxtJS, ReactJS, VueJS, Vanilla JS). Additionally, with Page Management built-in, developers don’t have to build an entirely new way to manage pages and routing, while marketers can easily edit content across a variety of channels without any coding experience.

EASIER FOR MARKETING TEAMS: Unlike many other Headless CMS, Agility CMS also offers tools for editors to effortlessly manage content delivery to websites and apps.

Agility CMS Support & Customer Service

Full-Service Support You don’t have to do it alone. We provide the best headless CMS consultation and training services to ensure an outstanding result for your website build projects.

Launch sooner Website builds can be overwhelming. Our consultation services ensure your project goes off without a hitch.

Built to last We’ll help you build a future-proof content architecture, so you never have to rebuild — even if your front ends change.

Get up to speed Our training services help your marketers and developers hit the ground running with Agility CMS.

Craig Cameron, Director, Web and Digital Properties at Hockey Canada "The Agility team is knowledgeable and works diligently to ensure the success of its clients. The platform is flexible and powerful enough for all of our projects while remaining approachable for a range of non-technical staff."

Jeffrey Kent, Former Chief Technology Officer at Cineplex Entertainment "The platform provides a consistent user experience for our content team to easily make updates to movie/theatre details, content and metadata, news, blogs, contests and more."

Countries Agility CMS Services Available In

Agility CMS is headquartered in Toronto, Canada and has Global clients in NA, Europa, Asia, Central and South America.

Agility CMS Pricing

Start with FREE and then scale up! Developer: Free Business: $490/mth Pro: $9909/mth Enterprise: Custom Pricing $2.5K+

FREE: 5 User 2,500 Content Items 10 GB Bandwidth 100GB Asset Traffic Community Support

BUSINESS: Ideal for a small / medium business who is building a corporate solution and doesn't need support. 10 Users 20K Content Entries 500 GB Bandwidth / Asset Traffic 1 Page Management Sitemap (Manage 1 digital asset) Community Support Unlimited Locales, Content Models and API calls

PRO: For a large business who needs workflows for large teams and Support along the way. 25 Users 50K Content Items 1 TB Bandwidth / Asset Traffic 5 Page Management Sitemaps (manage 5 digital assets) Dedicated Support Unlimited Locales, Content Types, API Requests

Enterprise: For the Enterprise who wants control over everything and unlimited scalability. 50 Users 100K+ Entries 25+ Page Management Sitemaps Priority Support Unlimited Locales, Content Types, API Requests

Agility CMS Free Trial Information

FREE trial is unlimited, no credit card required.

Free trial allows one user, 1000 content items.

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Agility CMS Reviews



10 Reviews

Last reviewed on
10 June 2020

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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

The original Headless CMS is also the best
- Extremely flexible for content structures
- Ability to do both published and user generated content
- Well designed user interface that leaves nothing to chance
- SUPER fast websites. Like insanely fast
- Ability to publish to any platform
- Ability to write front end in any language
- Support is unbelievable

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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Agility CMS is easy to use and simple, but can complete difficult tasks
Agility CMS is fluid and the learning curve is easy to pick up on. The layout and where to find pages, assets, and code, makes it fast to locate what you need to find. The customer service is top-notch as well!
Dilike? Agility CMS creates a gap between developers and digital marketers. It's great if you know HTML, CSS, and Javascript, but to tap into more advanced coding to create more dynamic pages, it would require some assistance on developers' end.
There are lots of ways you can make your website versatile in bought design and functionality.
Work with Agility & their support groups, and you will be able to achieve anything that you have in mind.
Agility CMS allows us to manage our content with ease. With a robust business, we have to be organized as we generate tons of content on a daily basis. Agility CMS makes it easy for us to manage everything in one spot.

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Monday, March 23, 2020

The Agility CMS is a simple tool that can be learned quickly. I use it to manage our department's intranet pages. I like the tools and features it offers to quickly build web pages. It also allows you to add headlines and helpful links at the bottom of each page, which are nice tools.
I wish it were easier to link to a bookmark on the same page instead of adding the #bookmark to the end of the URL manually. I don't think this is intuitive and would prefer the "link" button allow the option to link to a bookmark as well as a file.

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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Great CMS for building a website from the ground up
We researched so many CMS options when we decided to rebuild our website. We ultimately chose Agility. It was a standout in terms of flexibility, ease of use, cost, and good basic built-in structure. It is has been easy to build out the components we need to express our content in ways that best suit our audience.
If you have an in-house team and want to build a website yourself--this is the CMS to use. We evaluated so many headless options and found that this was by far the best solution for the price, service provided, and back-end and front end usability.
Our current website was not meeting the needs of our internal and external clients. It was difficult to make changes or add new features to the site without heavy IT involvement. We needed a website back-end that would give our Marketing team more autonomy to make changes without always getting IT involved.

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Thursday, February 27, 2020

The combination of built-in features and front-end flexibility have been great. There's a significant productivity boost compared to our old CMS. The ability to review edits immediately after making them has been an asset. The global search functionality has also enhanced productivity. Being able to batch upload images has been a great help, too.
There are certain features that require more steps than should be necessary, but overall, that's a very minor complaint and highly likely something that could be fixed with how we've set up our instance.
The combination of built-in features combined with the cloud hosting, and the language agnostic front-end is what really appealed to us.
We're moving our dependency away from IT and more toward marketing. The benefits are the ability to add components and features without bothering IT. The flexibility over our previous CMS is substantial. Being able to edit and review in real time has been a huge benefit over our former CMS.

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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Agility was everything we were looking for in a CMS
It was easy to get set up and easy to use. I was able to create a basic page template and get a web site up in a matter of hours. Creating content definitions and modules for maintaining your website data is also really simple. If you need more complex data types features like Custom Fields you can create whatever you need.
I wouldn't say this is necessarily a dislike, but it would be nice if creating content for a dynamic page was done in a way that was similar to the module structure of a static page.
It has made the easier for data creators and designers to work more independently on our site.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

“Agility: The CMS Of Your Dreams”
Overall: I'm managing two of my clients website using agility, it has great API integration and it makes building pages really easy with its prebuilt modules and stuff. Staging links are a great way to share the pages without having to go live. It reduced significantly the time it took us to get a website running.
Pros: I love about agility how it has every tool and functionality you need to manage a whole website organized in a single dashboard. It has great prebuilt stuff to start creating your website. I also like it file system, you can use it for your site and emails. It has great costumer support too.
Cons: I think there should be easier to customize the templates that it gives you. And sometimes when you override files it sometimes takes a lot of time to show in the website which has caused me trouble before.

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Friday, March 29, 2019

Agility can handle the data!
Agility CMS was a vital part of transitioning our website and it's functionality to the next level. The team works effectively with you along your journey to get your CMS exactly how you need it to be.
Pros: The robust nature of the CMS let's us control how we want to promote over 25 years of content, with minimal limitations.
Cons: I wish we had a more constant point of reference who is familiar with our customizations.

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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Solid Content Management Platform
The support team has been available 24/7 and very response for any questions we may have and when we have to deal with urgent matters - doesn't matter what the ask is, good or bad, the team is there to help support us and our development partners.
Pros: The ease of using the platform, the integration abilities with third-party tools - super developer friendly. We're able to connect through APIs with our development partners to have data flow from our database through the CMS, content to the app.
Cons: There are limitations to the platform, like anything out there - and so not everything is baked into the CMS but we're able to get around that and still connect through APIs to get the data that we need. To get enhancements to the platform we know it takes a long time to get them, as it affects the entire platform, so this is another reason why we do tend to look for API integrations.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

I do not have to worry about whether our website is properly indexed on search engines or the back-end programming is up-to-date. I can concentrate on content and keeping my website updated.
Pros: Agility is a very flexible platform for developpers, offering a way to easily create CMS content for any kind of website. The built-in photo editor, the easily searchable media & documents are great for keeping track of anything we put online. Agility CMS update their software frequenltly with new features.
Cons: As an editor, this is a software that is best used by someone who is familiar with products like Wordpress. It is not intuitive enough for someone who has very little knowledge of the web to use.

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