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19 September 2020

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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Since we started using Basecamp, our project intake process has become much more organized and it's way easier to see what everyone has on their plate. It's also helped us get approval from key stakeholders since everyone at every step of every project has to-dos assigned to them. I also love the integrations. We sync with Everhour so we can keep track of exactly how long it takes to complete each step of each project, which has helped us become more efficient and also see where we're spending our time.

I love how intuitive Basecamp is to use and how easy it is to keep track of upcoming projects and set priorities. I'm new to project management and it's been so easy to set up every project and teach new employees how to navigate the system. You can set different projects for different teams and even invite clients to view projects. Plus, you don't have a limited number of seats so everyone in our organization can access it without us needing to purchase anything additional.

There are too many places to communicate within Basecamp so it's important that you have a clear process. You can comment on an overall project thread, a group and in each individual to-do so sometimes it's hard to tell where a comment is located. However, it does show you which to-dos have comments within them and there are easy-access notifications at the top of your screen at all times so as long as comments are recent, they're easy to find.

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