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23 October 2018

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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

EXTREMELY DISPLEASED AND DISGUSTED WITH SERVICE!. Myself and my father have been with Cogeco for 10 loyal years and no issues. We recenelty moved to a new apartment and I have taken on the bill myself to allow higher internet usage and more cable channels. Our original installation was set for Tuesday October the 16th between 2-5pm. The technician never showed up nor called myself or my dad as requested and we were LIED TO BY THE SERVICE ADVISOR!!. We were told the next available time would be Monday October 22nd between 8am-5pm. I sacrficied a day of work to stay home and the same thing happened again. TECH NEVER SHOWED UP NOR CALLED AND WE WERE LIED TO AGAIN BY THE SERVICE ADVISORS AND TOLD AN APPOINTMENT WAS NEVER MADE, YET I HAVE IT SAVED IN MY PHONE FROM COGECO THEMSELVES. NOW WERE TOLD TO WAIT UNTIL THE 29TH!WILL BE LOOKING ELSEWHERE FOR CABLE AND INTERNET. GLAD COGECO TAKES CARE OF THEIR LONG TERM CUSTOMERS.

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