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04 May 2013

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I am using CurHost for multiple instances of service, for about half a year now, as well as other providers. One were overselling and one couldn't re-install a virtual server right. That is what I noticed, those two by the way were two other hosts. I never noticed a thing from CurHost, because I never had a problem, even to this day, it just runs fine 24/7. Not a single problem that far, oh wait, I've had one time where it shut down for 5min due to an update, which is still good. The offers they have sometimes, you should keep an eye out!

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

CurHost is a fast and reliable host. They have their own unique control panels. One for domains, one for ssl, one for shared hosting and an easy one for servers if Linux Debian isn't your favourite OS.
Overall I think they are very good. My site got faster when I changed host, and many of my visitors where commenting it!
I find the Control Panel really easy to use and quick to get around.
Support is great. As they promise they're there 24x7 and even though I'd not contacted them much, they've been there.
I'll recommend 'em to all who asks for a webhost!

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