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Digiweb Hosting
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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Their service has gone down hill since they began and now as I post they have reached rock bottom. Any of my websites hosted with them which have a database with them are basically grinding to a halt. Support blames everyone but themselves (when / if they reply at all) and have even changed permissions on files on ALL my sites so I could not login. Their arrogant, condescending tone is extremely distasteful. Its got to the point now where I am about to move to LetsHost. Appalling is all I can call Digiweb!

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Used to be very good and helpful, but a couple of years ago it all went to hell. Downtime was tracked at or above 20% for months, and every time I contacted them I got a lame apology and was assured it wouldn't happen again, or else a snarky mail telling me that it was working fine (of course it is - it took you a week to reply). Can't believe I put up with them for so long! Absolutely incompetent. And as an indication of just how incompetent they are, they're still sending me postal invoices for services even though I left them over a year ago. Rang them up and was just told it was because their system couldn't differentiate who was still a customer and who wasn't. Seriously? Don't go near them.

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