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04 September 2014

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

This is one intuitive piece of software. I am extremely happy with my purchase and I would give both the script and customer support 5 stars. I have over 1000 domains. Now as most people know you can simply park your domains in places like GoDaddy but it is quite worthless. Years ago, it was worth something. Today, Google penalizes you and you receive very little in Ad Sense commissions if you choose to do this. With this software you can easily park your domains and google sees each and every domain as a unique site and does not know that it is parked. That alone makes this a great choice. However I was using Wordpress to make separate pages for each of my domains rather than Park them. It was extremely time consuming. With this software I can make Wordpress type pages in less than 1/5 of the time. I don't have to install Wordpress for each and every application. Once the software is installed I can add a domain and customize it to be a unique page in literally seconds. If I want to add content outside of Googe Adsense I can simply use the RSS feeds option and have fresh content updated daily. I can also post my own blogs and content using their custom HTML editor and simply "add a module" at the click of a button. The interface was well thought out and is extremely easy to use. I have created an entire website, using this script, with different content on each page quickly and easily. It may not have the all plugins that WordPress has, but the modules I need are there and I don't have to install them each and everytime like I do with WordPress. If you are like me and have multiple domains then this is the best option on the market and a great alternative to Wordpress. Another great application for this software is its ability to interface with affiliate marketing programs like click bank. I have made over 30 clickbank domains using this software... In short, I can't say enough good things about this software and am extremely happy with my purchase. I highly recommend it.

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