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Proactive Software E-Data Now - Integrating People With Technology for Industry 4.0.

E-Data Now was built on the manufacturing shop floor by Phoenix Quality, a 3rd party Sorting & Inspection Company for the automotive manufacturing industry. It is tried and tested in real operations, so rest assured this robust system has many features suited to production scenarios. We work with our customers to deliver the features and they need to perform their roles more efficiently and with real -time data for immediate corrective actions and continuous improvement.

Quality Inspection Software for Continuous Improvement Continuous data collection with metrics and instant alerts to notify your management team of downtime, suspect parts and performance will hand you the keys to your production cycles. E-Data Now has training and work instruction, sign-in, sign-off and acknowledgement, image and video capture, checklists, visual poke yokes, user audit scheduling, note taking, corrective action planning and tracking, and so much more. A digital workforce delivers you the ability to implement the changes required to be on the path to continuous improvement, a key performance indicator for all levels of any business.

Data collection from our software gives you the ability to analyse critical Key Performance Metrics such as I-Charts, R-Charts, X-Charts, Top 5 Failures or custom graphs and reports. Don’t wait for the end of shift report or the next day to see rejection rates and additional downtime. You can access reports at your convenience and location on demand with cloud storage.

Audit Management Quickly build inspection and audit questionnaires with simple systems and schedule your team to complete on the floor or in the field. Utilize a number of different audit functions to create checklists with instructions to follow and options that lead users down clear operational paths.

Drive results with structured audits that create visibility in your operational procedures, employee participation and site management. You can ensure nothing will go unreported with specific tasks assigned to individuals, layer process auditing with randomisation, automated emails and alert notifications for non-conformances.

E-Data Now clients continue to have great success using it to streamline their auditing and quality systems. By using the mobile app in their facilities for auditing operational processes, safety compliance, site inspection, production and more, E-Data Now is optimizing workplaces for continued improvement.

Recall Management Software Protect your reputation. Reduce your recall response time. Navigate through recall anxiety with software that isolates nonconforming products.

New stock ready to ship? Vehicles in the yard waiting for delivery? Product already sitting at the port and a recall is issued? What systems do you have in place for the crisis of a recall? You might have the breakdown of the cause and problem parts but isolating them in the warehouse, or at the yard, to mitigate lost time and resources can be your biggest concern.

With E-Data Now you can deploy an inspection team can inspect and tag finished product rapidly on the floor or yard with real-time analytics, helping you to identify and quarantine recalled items.

Our software allows your team to be mobilized on location. Match serial and bin numbers with QR and barcode scanners, record video, capture images and have work instructions for inspectors. When you need to deploy a team to restrict a fallout from recall, our auditing software can save you precious time for effective resolution.

Experience the visibility of E-Data Now tracking your regulatory compliance systems back to the suspect part that caused the recall. This quality control software streamlines the processes in-place to efficiently mitigate your risk of further containment.

E-Data Now, Inc Product Details

IDENTIFY NON-CONFORMANCE REACT IMMEDIATELY. Real-time metrics that will optimize your production quality. A Mobile Audit Management & Quality Inspection Solution

It's time to mobilize your workforce with customized paperless system that delivers instant defect and non-compliant notifications. Transform your production processes with real-time data and enable your floor staff to increase productivity, quality and personal performance. E-Data Now can be customized for almost any checklist, compliance check and product inspection. Harness the power of a mobile solution that delivers transparency through the chaos of manufacturing production cycles.

Find And Resolve Root Causes Identify suspect issues with new insight into your production. Find the root causes of failures and downtime faster and improve operational performance with constant data collection and instant notification. Prevent Reoccurrences With Proactive Software Gain visibility into parts, products, processes and users to recognize and mitigate current and potential issues. Discover more transparency in your systems with audit management tools that let you identify bottlenecks, redundancies and critical issues. Leverage Data For Optimal Performance Enable new clarity and continuous improvement in your processes with continuous data collection. Analyze trends in your manufacturing processes to predict required maintenance schedules, worker performance and production productivity. Ensure Your Quality & Compliance Track production and workplace safety compliance with visual poke yoke, video capture and corrective action procedures. Know your facility inside-out with auditing tools that engage your employees with pride in quality. Secure Cloud-Based System Never lose your data with E-Data Now’s secure cloud-based system. On-the-go? You can review your results at any time from wherever you need to conduct your business ventures. Our quality management software is built on a robust industry approved system

E-Data Now, Inc Free Trial Information

We offer a FREE showcase tour of E-Data Now. We do this so users can experience the features of the system through a demonstration tailored towards the business requirements so that the potential clients can understand the capabilities entirely. We onboard our client with the setup they need to hit the road running.

E-Data Now, Inc Pricing

E-Data Now is a yearly Licenced product. Each licence is per device and can have as many users with individual logins as required.

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E-Data Now, Inc
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