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About elapseit

elapseit is a resource planning and time tracking software, from project kick-start to invoice.

elapseit is simple to use, extremely user-friendly and easy to learn.

It’s the perfect choice for startups, agencies, small & medium companies, especially in the following fields: digital marketing, creative agencies, web development, IT & software companies or legal.

In a nutshell, elapseit covers the following:
• Resource scheduling
• Time-tracking
• Projects (phases/task)
• Leave management
• Invoicing
• Legal documents sharing, versioning and more
• Dashboard and reports.


You can start to create a project (time and material or fixed fee). Set a default hourly rate. If you have more rates on the project that’s fine, you can customize it depending on the job title of each person who will be billed. You can even set who is allowed to log hours on the project: every person who’s got a licensed account or only allocated persons. If you want to be even more in control that is possible, you can set if the hours logged on the project will be automatically approved or needs to be approved by a project manager assigned.

You can have different phases of the project, you can create direct tasks on the project, or you can create tasks only on phases of the project. After creating them you can assign persons directly on project, phases, tasks, task’s of phase’s of project. It’s your choice.


With regard to your employees/collaborators, you can keep every info that you need in a single place: hourly rate or monthly pay, currency, the number of vacation days per year, weekly working hours, upload documents related to a person and so on.


It has never been easier to be in control with hours logged by your team on different projects/phases/tasks.
As a project manager you can schedule your team on a project. Each person who has been allocated, when will log into the system with his/her account will see his/her allocation and can submit the hours if worked accordingly or can add a new project/phase/task if worked more than has been allocated or if worked less can simply modify and submit the accurate number of hours worked.
If the project has been set up as hours logged to be approved by a project manager, then the project manager will check the hours submitted and can approve or reject them and put a comment. After that, the team member can submit again the hours based on the comment(s). After the hours has been approved, the project manager or financial department can lock the hours so no one can modify no longer the hours so an accurate invoice can be created directly with just a few clicks.


The Gantt chart is very easy to use and offers you important information. You can see at a glance who’s over-allocated or under allocated. You can drag and drop to modify the allocation of a person on a project/phase/task. You can use the filters to see only the information that you need in that moment: only for specified projects, people, departments, locations, job title.


Leave management system (availability) is working together with the resourcing planner and timesheet. You will see on the resourcing planner who is off and for how long. You can approve or reject different types of days off and into dashboard you can even see the persons who have time-off approved for a future period. One big aspect is that bank holiday has been integrated into leave management, so you don’t need to worry if a person is requesting a time-off during a period which includes a bank holiday because that day will not be taken from his/her vacation days.


As a manager of a small or medium company you will see into dashboard into seconds what’s relevant for your business: accounts payable (no matter if you’ve invoiced in different currencies you will have the total amount converted into the currency choose by you), next pending invoices, top overdue invoices, top over-burn or under-burn projects and so on.
Customized reports which help you in your business, starting from the basic timesheet, list of your employee’s time-off, billing, profitability, cost with your employees, forecast and so on, you can download them as pdf or csv.


Legal documents sharing, versioning and more.


Invoicing can be automatically created based on the timesheet no matter the type of project (fixed fee or time and material) and can be edited after manually and download it to send it to your client.


You can customize your company profile account based on your preferences and change them whenever you want:
• Set maximum hours per day that an employee/collaborator can submit
• Set maximum vacation days per request
• Set default vacation days (you can personalize for each employee in part after)
• Set when to be notified, before proj

elapseit Key Features

  • resource planning
  • time-tracking
  • status tracking
  • reports
  • dashboard
  • billing&invoicing
  • document management
  • data exports
  • project budgeting
  • gantt chart

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