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18 February 2019

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Friday, November 17, 2017

Even though it is very easy to use without knowledge of javascript, frevvo offers the flexibility to create really great forms if you have a good knowledge of coding in javascript. As an avid coder i was able to convert applications created in c# into frevvo forms. With the tools offered by frevvo, mainly the database connector and the ability to generate forms based upon sql queries i was able to create a form that queries past submissions and also then write to the database i had created. Then i was able to create another form that queries these submissions and generate an html table based upon the results. Within the html table i have several links to other frevvo forms which allow the user to view past submissions as well as a separate frevvo form to edit these submissions. Using the frevvo network file connector i was able to write attachments to a UNC path to be viewed later. In the edit form i used the same method to add more attachments to write to the same location to be able to overwrite or add new attachments without giving the user write permissions to the UNC path. I was also able to dynamically change edit permissions by created a separate form only available to managers that can change the status and assign editors. The assigned editors are saved in the database and when a user opens up the edit form it checks their id against the assigned editor and hides/shows the form based upon a match. Also the html table makes it easy to export data to csv

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