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29 January 2022

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Sunday, January 30, 2022

Will try to make it beneficial for you. Start learning...
HostGator is not as good as you see in the reviews as compare to BlueHost, MochaHost, etc. *Not Sponsored* these are more secure and provide good services, each and every thing that you need to make your online presence. And not too much difference in prices as you have to go with them and you have to use a shared server just like property but there is no reselling :( [I never recommend you to purchase for 3 years]
Let me explain the problems of hostgatarians...
If you are facing any of the issue, it is normal, most of their users have same complains. (UPVOTE it)
You will be good with them if you are using the single domain with shared hosting hahah and they do backups only for 100000 inodes (aprox. MySQL® Disk Usage 450 MB & Disk Usage 5 GB while they claim unlimited space to trap you -> today learn more about their traps) if you go double, 200000 inodes, CS will redirect you to TOS that they do not allow more space, lol as you are trapped. Bear Them now!
They provide you extra ordinary service for 45 days, why not, these days are money back guarantee days. After 45 days, now your time is started to plan to leave their services.
If you grow and reach to 3 GB disk storage and ready to go with your websites then it is time to get 500 IS error when you need to update the data and need to kill the processes each time and it will take 3x time. If you contact to the customer support, they will ask you to upgrade your server to the dedicated one or to VPS (believe me you will not face these problems with blue or mocha) its normal with HG my friend learn more...
After 3 months your website will be started to be infected by malwares and the email password will be started stolen. If you ask them to clean malwares that can be resolved by replacing the files...haha and they will recommend you to use sitelock (bcz they need commission) while making WP secure is so easy, you can have free and the best available plugins like wordfence. You can keep secure your site by scanning and by using it.
About CSs all of their CS not knowledgeable, its ok, as in team, it is difficult to filter the team members, and interesting they will never redirect the chat to the related department as Bluehost CSs. And each CS has different statement and I was unable to find team work within them, worse reality. And they will make changes to your Purchase without getting permissions from you. If you are planning to go with HG, please must think about your time and investment and try to get short term services if you want to test on your behalf and I recommend you to choose the one, provides you shortterm service like Mocha... or go with the best one Blue by closing your eyes.

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

HostGator was a good host for me. We had a dedicated there and they were helpful. Only thing I thought was a negative was that we had old hardware that should have been upgraded for the plan we were paying for but that never happened. But still, I don't hold that against them too much. They were going through some changes back then and the sites still ran okay so it was water under the bridge

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Monday, December 9, 2013

I used HostGator in the past and it has a great customer service.

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Friday, November 30, 2012

I have had HostGator as my Host since 2011. I have enjoyed the services offered and love the platforms that they have available. Not only is it updated often but they have implemented many new things into their services which I have enjoyed. They also have great customer services and a wonderful live agent program which gets all questions answered in no time.

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