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What is Infopluscommerce?

Infoplus is a cloud-based inventory and warehouse management solution which offers a range of tools for managing customers, vendors, stock, orders, shipping, and more. The system is designed for small and medium-sized B2B and B2C businesses in wholesale, eCommerce retail, and third party logistics (3PL).

The inventory management tools in Infoplus allow users to track and control inventory levels in real-time, with lot control, high and low stock level alerts, and inventory adjustments. Purchase orders and advanced shipping notifications can be managed, and receipts can be created on-the-fly to load inventory. Orders can be created, imported, edited, and tracked, and integrations with shopping carts sync orders in real-time, reducing the risk of overselling stock. Order fulfillment processes can be scheduled to run 24/7 based on the shipping method, last-in-first-out (LIFO) or first-in-first-out (FIFO), and prioritized by customer type, deliver-on or need-by date, or service level.

Infoplus integrates with multiple shipping channels, allowing users to shop around for the best possible shipping rates. Customizable templates can be used to create warehouse documents, including pick lists, packing slips, and shipping labels, which can be printed automatically. Users can track order statuses in real-time, with visibility into returns and exceptions, even for external shipments. Users can also manage compliance regulations when shipping products such as dry ice, alcohol, and ORM-D hazardous materials.

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Infopluscommerce Key Features

Warehosue Management

Inventory Management

3PL Management

Barcoding / RFID

Category Customization

Channel Management

Demand Planning

Location Control

Order Management

Quality Control

What is Infopluscommerce?

Infopluscommerce Product Details

Warehouse Management Solutions Keep your teams and clients supplied Whether it's keeping inventory right on your service trucks, with teams in the field, or clients facilities you service - we understand it's hard to find the right tools when you don't quite fit into a box. Infoplus has gone to great lengths to break the mold of that box so that regardless of who your "customer" is, your warehouse can service them.

Manage inventory for a customer job, order from your own warehouse and replenish any location type regardless of shape or size (service truck 1). Management, control and fulfillment are equally if not more important when you are your own customer or servicing a long-term business partner.

Management and Control Know where it is and where it's going

Key Features:

Lot, Serial, and Job Number tracking Storage Rules - Keep things going to the same place, in the same location in your warehouse Low-stock and Replenishment - Reorder and replenish your warehouse, your customers, and your teams Outbound Fulfillment It's not just fulfillment anymore

Key Feature:

Quality Control - Scan everything out to make sure every piece is accounted for Automate fulfillment cycles when the situation calls for it Built-in Shipping - send via parcel, freight, and more with in-suite manifestation Data and Reporting Analyze your business how you want

Key Features:

Report Builder - Define, schedule and receive the data that drives your business Metrics - User-defined metrics give you your business at a glance Open API - Sync every aspect of your business into a central hub, Infoplus, to take advantage of Metrics and Report Builder

Infopluscommerce Pricing

Starting Price: $395/month

Startup: $395/month Infoplus Warehouse WMS: $695/month Infoplus 3PL WMS: $895/month

Full Cutting Edge WMS Inbound and Purchasing Outbound and Shipping Inventory Control Building Blocks Custom Reporting Dashboards Management by Exception Low Stocks and Stock Controls Customer Portal Real-time Order and Shipment Tracking Hardware (Scanners, Scales, Printers) Kitting and Light Manufacturing and much more.

Infopluscommerce Support & Customer Service

The Right Solution brings forward the people, expertise, support, software and hardware you must have to support and grow your business. Infoplus lives that formula.

We are a company of operational managers, system supporters, onboarders, engineers, consultants, and warehouse geeks. We get excited about working with our clients and digging into their problems together.

Let's Get In Touch. We Love To Chat.

Countries Infopluscommerce Services Available In

North America

Infopluscommerce Free Trial Information

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13 Reviews

Last reviewed on
05 May 2021

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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

“A good WMS but not user friendly”
Overall: I have never met a system I cannot master. Until I met infoplus. It has taken months of trial and error, months of emails and paid training meetings. Once operational, the asks from upper management created many more challanges which lead to the additional of scripts. Scripts only work some of the time on some things, others (shipment table for example) has a bug so the logic of table names needs to be different. If you make mistakes on some things you cannot delete it at all. I cant even remove inventory with wrong sku because it says Ive had a reciept on it but never did. I cant change a custom field from boolan to string if i want. A script to populate that field does not populate the excel file ect ect.
Pros: The ability to pretty much customize anything (if you can figure it out)
Cons: Not very user friendly. To many variables and sections. To many places to go to set up 1 thing which doesnt work unless you apply serveral other features

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Friday, April 23, 2021

Pros: I love the fact that if the software does not have something out of the box that you need for your business process, you can use building blocks and scripts to create it. With custom fields, API, smart documents, and scripts the possibilities are endless. A lot of our customers have niche needs so this was a good choice for us. In addition, the ability to hook into the API with other systems is amazing once you get the hang of it. The dashboard is great for managing day-to-day operations and gives great visibility to everything happening within your warehouses. Reporting is nice, you can build fairly advanced queries easily. Automating things based on triggers and conditions is great once you understand how to use building blocks.

Cons: The weakest part of this software is the billing module. It works... but as a 3PL who bills for a LOT of different things, with each customer being billed in a unique way- our opinion is that the billing module needs *significant* improvement.

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Friday, July 24, 2020

“eCommerce and Retail Operations”
Pros: InfoPlus is open source which gives us lots of flexibility. It a "Plug n Play" type of system. This allows us to customize it to our needs to get what we want.
Cons: This software can be difficult to take full advantage of if you do not have a developer on staff. The company does not provide the option to pay for a developer from their team to customize the product for you. They will answer questions and get your developer going, but you must bring your own developer to the table.
Reasons for Switching to Infoplus: We needed a more sophisticated solution.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Overall: Great experience, knowledgeable staff, gave us more insight into our business than we have had before. We are evolving our business with the new process and the teams expertise.
Pros: The ability to have visability to our day to day shipping/pick & pack operation. Warehouse locations, Order history and tons of areas to input/retrieve data from. Learning something new each day b/c of all the data points available. Cart connnections are very easy
Cons: The need to use a script to have my cost/sell for freight shipping through a report rather than on the shipment table. Small workaround was made, not ideal but gets the job done.
Reasons for Choosing Infoplus: Easy interface to navigate, cart connections are easy and painless. Tons of data points
Reasons for Switching to Infoplus: Our old software was obsolete and not maintained

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Monday, May 11, 2020

“Loads of functionality/Needs time to adopt to new users”
Overall: The overall experience was good. The tool is logical in its functionality however the setup and UOM process in conversions needs a lot of time and attention. Support is needed for a fairly long period of time and hard to come by. We definitely improved many of our legacy processes and converted them to proper logic using the tool! however, consistency of expected outcomes for billing and UOMs was problematic and required a lot of testing and back and forth to get them just right. Expect to spend some 2-3 months for proper configuration, training, testing, testing, and testing, before launching. This is NOT a rip and replaces type process
Pros: The flexibility of the tool to do what you need with little need to customize a ton of coding!
Reasons for Switching to Infoplus: The legacy system was old and not technically saavy for the future needs of our organization.

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Friday, January 17, 2020

“Infoplus has help changed the way we do business, for the better”
Overall: I mentioned them mostly in the "Pros" section, but in short, Infoplus has afforded me the following benefits: Ability to see and analyze entire operation process in real-time Ability to provide customers with high-end and reliable customer portal experience Ability to seamlessly integrate with prospects that show interest in our company (A huge selling point) Unlimited reporting potential and data that has allowed us to gauge our past and present performance like never before. I truly believe Infoplus will allow me to take my business to the next level.
Pros: Ease of Use - Obviously, the biggest hurdle in changing software is dealing with employee and customer reluctance to learn something new. Fortunately, Infoplus makes it really easy to use and navigate their software. They also have many helpful tool tips, and easy access to their Knowledge Base which really helps make the transition go smoother.

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Thursday, September 26, 2019

“Easy to use”
Overall: We are still in process of going live but the team with InfoPlus has been very helpful. Any questions I had has been addressed right away or was followed up and answered in our next meeting. Any suggestions or requests I have had were addressed in the same fashion.
Pros: This system is very intuitive and easy to navigate. With the information stored in tables, it is easy to search for the information needed.
Cons: The software seems to work best when the inventory has a one way flow (received in, sold out). Special process and procedures had to be created for our company since we are constantly sending out material for a job and returning it the same day or next day.

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Thursday, June 20, 2019

“Director of Operations”
Overall: Overall I had a great experience with Infoplus and would recommend them to anyone looking for a technologically advanced and reliable system. Our operation was traditionally a pallet in, pallet out B2B distribution center but we've recently been shifting into the e-commerce and B2C market. Infoplus has been the perfect tool to help us make this transition. For one, their onboarding team has been awesome. They took the time to understand our unique needs and helped us develop the perfect process for our operation. Prior to Infoplus it would take us a full day to fulfill 150 orders, with Infoplus it takes us a little over an hour and we now have better quality control! We're very happy with our partnership and are looking forward to growing our business with them.
Pros: This software is extremely flexible and the training has been very hands on.
Cons: You have to manually load item images - they state they are addressing this in the future.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Pros: infoplus has native mobile application which is the need of the day. It's navigation is very easy and fast. Setting up multiple warehouses is very easy. Customer facing teams are very easily accessible.
Cons: some features need re-thinking by the design team. Infoplus continuously improving the solution. Security features need to be more robust.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

“Creates Order from Chaos and Simplifies Industry Best Practices”
Overall: We've been incredibly happy with our decision to go with Infoplus. Our sales, warehouse, and accounting teams have all benefited in various ways in the ~6 months we've been using it and we continue to find more ways to benefit from all its features.
Pros: We did not have to purchase any additional hardware in order to implement Infoplus in our warehouse. The web interface is fast and intuitive and the mobile apps for Android and iOS allowed us to avoid buying expensive, single purpose scanners. The implementation process not only showed us how to use the product but was also provided great training on industry best practices. Their well-documented RESTful API is feature-rich and has allowed us to quickly build customer-facing services in a fraction of the time it used to and all our systems (manufacturing, accounting, etc.) are now more interconnected than they have ever been. Support has been rock-solid and very responsive.
Cons: The product team is constantly improving the system so sometimes the implementation team is a step behind them in understanding and providing instruction on new features. The upfront costs can appear a little higher with Infoplus when compared to other services but when you consider the fact that no specialized hardware is necessary to get up and running it's very competitive. In our experience, their monthly charges are also lower which means savings in the long run. The pricing structure could be a little more transparent

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