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25 August 2020

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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

So I signed up for Line2 after doing some research, clearly not enough. Immediately had issues; I have a paid for service that is supposed to offer nearly unlimited calls; however, the first call I made a message popped up saying my plan was only good for other people with Line2 phone service. HUH?!?!?
I wrote customer service. I got an auto reply.
The next week starts and I have written again, I called support who disconnected the call and didn't call me back. Long story short it took a total of three calls and several emails to STILL NOT BE ABLE TO USE THE PHONE PROPERLY.
Add to that they wanted me to supply them the phone numbers I was trying to call. My confidential clients' phone numbers and basically told me if I didn't supply them those numbers they would not work to fix the issue. WHAT?!?!?!
This company is simply put NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME.
Customer service is inept. Tech are certainly suspicious.
I'll pay more but get what I need.

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