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from Education Directory

Monday, June 25, 2012

I have experience with Windows environment but none with Linux and I have about a dozen projects that I needed to start in Linux environment (because of a specific base-software that I needed to use). Therefore, the key (i.e. make or break) to being able to start and move forward with these projects or not has been to find the support that would help me basically with everything. Being able to find that kind of support was something that I was very unsure of based on my almost 20 years experience of working with companies and support teams. Yet this time within 4 days my server is set up and all my sites are up and running. This is despite many challenges that your support team experienced mainly because of working with someone who doesn't know Linux.

I am still in disbelief about what happened! What set the work of your support team apart from others has been several. The foremost important factor has been their responsiveness that has constantly been literally either immediate or within minutes, around the clock, and throughout probably 50 or more emails that I sent to them during the process. This was simply unheard of to me. Another factor has been that your support team started the tasks (such as setting up the server and installing several software that I had provided) within minutes of my request emails, and notified me that the process was complete very shortly after that. When I needed to send them information or files/software, or needed to perform any tasks they sent me very specific instructions and advices that I could follow easily even though I am new to Linux environment. They were also persistent when something wouldn't work as expected (mainly due to my lack of knowledge of the environment) and continued steady work until the problem was resolved as quickly as possible. They were always professional, cooperative, and assisted when I made any mistakes.

I have probably left out some other aspects of the truly amazing and unique services and help that I received from your support team. I will surely tell others about the outstanding support team/department of your company.

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