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09 January 2020

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Friday, January 10, 2020

I haven't been a long time user of nCino but I have been around the block in banking, and of the platforms I have run over the last three decades in commercial banking this platform (nCino) is one if not thee hardest to understand and navigate. It' still early in the process so the benefits may yet come, but don't expect to maintain the same workload and loan closing volume you had while learning this platform. This platform requires patience, hard work, practice, and more practice before it begins to make a little sense. Those around me that have converted to the platform along with myself are also experiencing anxiety and frustration with trying to navigate and get around in nCino.
As I said at the onset I haven't been on the system very long, but at this point in time I'm not sure I would run down and obtain it the first chance I had. There may be better days ahead on nCino.

From my research on nCino and from the time I spent with some of their employees they are very customer oriented, you could tell the employees liked working for the company, and they did genuinely like us and treated us very well in training. I would have t give the company an "A" for customer service, but ease of use is very in-conclusive right now.

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