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13 December 2014

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Monday, December 15, 2014

I have used Netfirms for maybe 10 years now. They were great Canadian hosting company. Then it was sold to US who then outsourced IT support to India or Pakistan and the experience went down the hill from there. First, I installed php picture album software from their own store (software approved, tested and available to all NETFIRMS customers). After 4 years without hiccup, suddenly I could not upload any more pictures. When I investigated, turn out that one of php commands for uploading was disabled on that server (according to the php error log). When contacting the IT, I was told that it is up to me to rewrite the software to be compatible with their new security and/or they will happily help me for a fee. When dealing with their IT it is more like arguing every step of the way. Here is a weird one: I logged in to my site one day and discovered that someone installed (very deep in the dir structure) a whole site to run courses (registration, programs, student marks, etc.) in my domain space. I could access it from outside. No names or courses were there but the SQL database was created and the site was ready to run. When I contacted the IT, I was told that I installed the software and nothing will be done. On number of occasions, using FTP logs I showed them that someone (IP address of another hosting company) is installing AND deleting files from my domain space. Same thing, it was me, nothing they can do… Latest thing is FTP. Never had ftp problems before. I use scripts and custom software to automatically update my site. The first problem is that ftp sessions would drop in a middle of an upload. Second, it would let me upload one file but I could not do anything else because the connection would drop just as that file was done. The last one is: my computer connects to their server, it answers, but before my computer can log in, the server disconnects. When talking to them, everything is my fault and nothing is done on their side I have to tiptoe around them. None of the above mentioned problems was resolved to my satisfaction.

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Great site to use if you are looking to create a website site for your company and are new to web-site hosting.

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