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10 March 2020

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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

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Appalling. Email not working all day and they really don't seem to be interested in assisting. They might look at the issue tomorrow. Hardly the first time. Don't use if you value your business.

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Thursday, January 31, 2019

My company was taken over by Netregistry around 2008 and all was reasonable until 4 days ago n when suddenly I have no emails and I could not log in to my domain. ICANN and WHOIS suspended my domain as Netregistry had not updated the information as requested. All my information is in the Netregistry account but Support insists on replying with an email I ditched 20 years ago, requiring forms for new accounts. So on to Chat, all was resolved but it would take 24 hours. After 27 hours, back to Chat, lots of waiting, they again wants a form for new accounts and tells me to wait 5 days ....... either they are out of monies or they have stuffed up and the waiting list is 5 days long!
Absolutely awful! I am looking for a new hosting site.
Zero stars

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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

For 13 years this was a fantastic service. I could hold a decades worth of emails on outlook. just this year it stated telling me that I was reaching limits and wont let me hold 10 months worth of emails. Just recently, it doesn't even warn me. folks just can't email me. i missed the roll over and am now stuck with them for another year

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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

I am shocked to find out that a reviews website has given NetRegistry 2.6 out of 5 stars. NetRegistry or TPP Wholesale are the worst hosting provider in Australia. They have lost back ups to our websites, locked us out of our accounts and not able to resolve the issue for weeks and the story goes on, we have contacted them 20 times via phone, online chat and email and no one can help. The issue needs to be escalated to 5 different apartments and then sent back to the 1st department and no one understanding what the issue was as they didn't read our emails. Worst host we have ever dealt with.

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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

If there were any opportunity to give a 'zero star' rating, believe me I would! Netregistry have had me to the point of wanting to slit my own throat rather than deal with them any further.

I signed-up for an up-front fee of $499 and ongoing monthly fees of $149. I already had a nice and well organised web site that functioned perfectly on all devices etc. I had not one technical issue! The only reason that I ever spoke to Netregistry was when they called selling themselves as quality web designers. I was in a situation where my Daughter (whom developed our web site) was working long shifts in a Management position and it was getting difficult to get new content added in a hurry and I also wanted to finish turning it into an ecommerce site. She just didn't have enough time to help me. So, I decided to handover to Netregistry.

Firstly they promised me that they would have the site finished in a week. I told them that was an unrealistic expectation and we eventually agreed on two weeks. As soon as they requested the login details for the current site, I knew that they were not going to rebuild the site from scratch. They even commented on how good it was. All they were going to do was change the theme, add a diary for a bookings page, link with our salon software provider' s booking system and add the shop. We already had a SSL Certificate and a basic shop set-up. So, it wouldn't have taken a Rocket Scientist to create what we had requested.

I had no communication at all after signing the contracts. It was a couple of weeks and many phone calls before I got anywhere near talking to the person tasked with doing the work on our site. I found her very difficult to deal with right from the start. She was the kind of person that promised the earth, delivered nothing and always had an excuse!

After six months of getting nowhere, I had a meltdown and demanded a refund (we had continued paying our monthly fees). I was passed from one 'Customer Service Specialist' to another. Every time I thought I'd gotten somewhere with somebody that may make a difference, they would leave the company and I'd be right back to square one!

They eventually loaded a site that was not functioning at all, in fact the content was in a foreign language. It did not open on any mobile devices and the most important pages were missing. The shop didn't even remotely work. The theme was inconsistent across the different pages (i.e. the themed contact details at the footer and then another set of contact details above the footer etc).

I called and asked them to get it down and our original site up urgently until they had sorted the issues. I couldn't understand why they would do this without even showing me the site and giving me the opportunity to check to see if it was OK to go live. The response from the Developer was "Well you said you wanted it up in a hurry." Seriously..... I couldn't believe I was hearing this. Not to mention that we were at the six month mark, had paid around $1390 to-date and still no web site.

Just when I thought things couldn't get worse, they reloaded part of our original web site and some of the most important pages were missing. The site is no longer compatible on mobile devices and also on a lot of PC's. We could not reload from a back-up, because they had deleted it and deleted the page that was the most important to me. I don't believe this was an accident as the Developer had a go at me twice for complaining about her. She told me that there was nothing wrong with the site. She told me it was my problem and that I had to get my computer fixed. This was despite the fact that numerous friends and our clients had tried to use the site on a variety of their devices and it didn't work on any. The site was a mess!

I then spoke to yet another 'Customer Service Specialist' that tried to tell me there was no problem. That was until I told him to get on a conference call and show me as he accessed the site and used it. All of a sudden, he agreed that the site was a mess and told me that he'd never seen such a poor display of workmanship and customer service. He assured me that he would get the new site up an running within 24 hours and that it would be done properly. Of course, nothing came of that. I literally didn't hear back from him again.

Eventually, I had no choice but to lodge a complaint with Fair Trading. Which is still ongoing because Netregistry are refusing to refund our money and are in fact claiming that the original site that my Daughter created is in fact the one they created. That just blew my mind, not that I'm bothered because we have plenty of proof to show that it is the site that she created over 18 months ago.

So, where are we now? Still receiving demand letters for the monthly payments for a site they've never built, them refusing a refund and me now talking to my Lawyer to seek compensation.

I am also seeking compensation for all of the out-of-pocket for the money I have wasted in marketing to drive customers to our ecommerce site to purchase product. After the first one was wasted because the site was running a couple of months late, I checked with them a month before each other marketing campaign that I paid for, each time I was promised the site would be up and running perfectly. Each time, I wasted my advertising $$$$ and also lost a lot of business. Not to mention all the extra stock on the shelves over Christmas that we couldn't sell online because we didn't even have our original basic site, let alone the new one.

DON'T GO ANYWHERE NEAR NETREGISTRY UNLESS YOU WANT TO HAVE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY STOLEN!!!!!!! The wort part, they actually have no shame whatsoever, they don't care at all.

I have documented correspondence that can back-up everything that I've said here. Feel welcome to contact me at Carinya House of Hair & Beauty if you are interested in taking action against them, or if you have already commenced and you want additional proof that 'you are not the only one'!

Good luck if you are already in dispute with them! I'm also going to start a blog soon so see just how many people are out there that have been ripped-off by Netregistry! Needless to say, I am cancelling all our business accounts with them and encouraging all of the clients we referred to them to do the same.

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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Stay away from these guys, I initially had to deal with them for 6 months just to get them to creat a simple website for me let alone pay for a domain etc..

I dealt with 5 different account managers, they lagged in getting back to me, they very expensive. If I knew then, what I know now if somebody could have spared me the agony and constant phone calls, I would have just gone and set up a website via other means.

Don't even bother with Net Registry. Disgusting service to say the least.

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Monday, November 7, 2016

These people are thieves. They will charge you for cancelled services, then take your website down if you dispute their thieving. Avoid them like the plague. They are the worst pirates in Australian webhosting.

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Monday, October 10, 2016

Really bad service. Cloud business hosting westing of money very slow server respond, really bad support instead improve their server speed they blame website that is to heavy.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

I find Netregistry so bad in every way. Constant technical issues with the website and emails, when you call support you are told there are no issues and the problem is coming from my end. The issues are with them. Today I am moving my emails and i'm also looking at the best place to move my website asap. Please don't go with them unless you would like constant issues

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Monday, July 11, 2016

Terrible service at all levels.
The only god thing about Netregistry is that they are consistent.... Bad every day.
Never use them!

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