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RHUB Communications

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About RHUB Communications

The R-HUB easy-to-install and maintain server family consists of:

• Web Conferencing Servers
• HD Video Conferencing Servers
• Remote Support Servers
• Remote Access Servers
• Remote Support & Access Servers
• All-in-One Collaboration Servers

The R-HUB product lines are built upon the following eight included real-time collaboration applications:

• Web Conferencing – Give sales presentations, product demos, and collaborate interactively.
• HD Video Conferencing – Up to 30 webcams based video conferencing with 1080p and telepresence.
• Remote Support – Support PC and Mac users remotely.
• Remote Access – Access your office or home PCs from anywhere, anytime.
• Webinar – Provide online seminars without the need for view-only attendees to download anything.
• Audio Conferencing – VoIP mixed with free landline (PSTN) audio conferencing services.
• Live Streaming (available mid-2017) – Stream desktop, HD video and audio to browser-based viewers. No download of any kind for viewers across all platforms.
• IM (under development) – Presence & instant messaging

Why R-HUB?

R-HUB provides you video/web/audio conferencing and remote support server that YOU own and YOU control. Forever.

• No more limits on employee access.
• No more monthly subscription fees.
• No more third-party surveillance risks.
• No more limits on how your company, your employees and your customers can communicate

R-HUB's TurboMeeting software is perfect to meet all your meeting and collaboration needs with a rich set of features.

Web Conferencing features

• Free mobile apps
• PC and MAC compatible
• Up to 3000 attendees
• Universal Attendance
• Firewall & proxy friendly
• Schedule in advance
• Outlook integration
• Detailed reporting
• Lock meeting session
• Hide attendee lists
• Remote printing
• Polling
• File transfer to one or all attendees
• Group and private chat
• Push URL and Q&A
• Panelists for large meetings
• Raise hands
• Auto-reconnection
• Translated into 9 languages

Desktop Sharing features

• Specific application sharing
• Stop or pause sharing
• Privacy protection
• Multi-monitor support
• Change presenter
• Give control of mouse and keyboard
• White board
• True color for lossless image quality
• On-screen drawing tools
• Stream desktop video to attendees

Recording features

• One-click recording of desktop, audio and video
• Built-in player
• Publish in AVI, Flash and WMV
• Allow or disallow attendees to record

HD Video Conferencing features

• Supports up to 30 HD webcams
• Supports up to 8 monitors for telepresence display
• Four different display formats
• Switch back and forth between desktop sharing and HD video conferencing
• HD video on iOS and Android devices
• Switch the spotlight webcam

Remote Support and Remote Access (aka: Unattended support) features

• Instantly view and remote control
• Always on after power recycle or reconnection (Remote Access)
• Remotely reboot in regular and safe mode
• Remotely login as admin
• Allow up to 4 participants in one support session
• Switch to training mode during support session
• Switch to unattended support
• Remotely lock supported computer at the end of session
• Send Ctrl + Alt + Del
• Blank remote desktop
• Retrieve remote computer system information
• UAC compatible
• RDP session compatible
• Optionally switch between remote multi-monitors
• On-premise security to protect internal sessions
• Remotely logout or login as a different user
• Hide a remote access session and quietly monitor a remote desktop
• Display active remote access sessions for easy access anytime

Webinar features

• View presenter's screen
• Join an audio conference
• No download of any kind for attendees
• Raise hands
• Chat
• Fit-to-window or actual-size display
• Option to become an interactive attendee

Audio Conferencing features

• Mix the voices of telephone callers (PSTN) with computer callers (VoIP)
• Mix the voices of callers into users' PBX
• Schedule conference
• Echo cancellation
• Speaker identification
• Mute all or any individual speakers
• Option for push-to-talk
• HD audio
• Raise hand over telephones
• Dial-in numbers in 28 countries
• Add toll-free numbers
• Stream computer sound to attendees during an online meeting
• Record mixed audio from PSTN and VoIP callers with screen updates and webcams

RHUB Communications Key Features

  • Web Conference Software
  • Video Conference Software
  • Remote Support Software
  • Unattended Support Software
  • Webinar Software
  • Live Streaming Software
  • Remote Desktop Software
  • Audio Conference
  • Web Conferencing

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RHUB Communications
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from ehubsoftware

Monday, February 23, 2015

If you look for on-premise web conferencing solutions, it is the best one on the market. It comes from free integrated PSTN audio conferencing. The interface is simple. Screen update speed is one of the best. Its non-download webinar functions make the solution unique. In addition, it includes HD video conferencing, remote support and remote access. It uses floating licenses thus supports unlimited hosts. LDAP integration is available for quick deployment to all employees in minutes.

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