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What is SportsPlus?

SportsPlus is a sports management application/platform developed and managed by Thapos Inc. It is a cloud-based, secured & mobile friendly all-in-one sports platform designed for the sports clubs, leagues, teams, athletes, coaches, and parents to manage registrations, payments, schedules, teams, communication, and website content on the fly.

SportsPlus helps the- sports clubs & leagues to manage their daily activities, by making it easier to run the multiplayer/program registration, payment processing, team workflow management, schedule management, field management & reservation, free website builder, team/tournament registration, club/league roster management, teams to communicate better, organize team data in one place, and raise funds for their team, coaches to coach their players & manage their teams, athletes to excel at sports and everybody else to get connected with their club, team, or athletes.

Athletes to manage their athletic performance, profile, registrations, payments, schedule management, access all family members, family members schedule, player stats, teams, and athlete social network.

Allows coaches and parents to help their athletes.

SportsPlus is a dream come true for coaches and parents who want to help their athletes to get better at sports. SportsPlus is where athletes live to realize their dreams.

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SportsPlus Key Features

sports website builder

sports online registration software

sports management software

sports league software

sports schedule maker

league management

Sports league management software

Sports club management software

online sports registration software

tournament bracket generator

What is SportsPlus?

SportsPlus Product Details

Targeted towards youth sports management. SportsPlus is an innovative & easy-to-use ‘all-in-one’ sports management platform designed for sports clubs and leagues to integrate their day-to-day managerial and engagement activities associated with running a league or team.

Our Platform provide different features in to single platform.

Sports Website Builder:

  1. Auto Create Website
  2. Custom Domain & SSL Support
  3. Web Analytics Integration
  4. Email Hosting with Postfix Mail Server
  5. Fully Responsive Templates
  6. Widgets and Add-Ons
  7. Manage Content on the Fly
  8. Affordable Price & Customer Support
  9. Mobile Friendly Website

Schedule Management:

  1. Game, Practice, Events
  2. Organization Level Scheduling
  3. Team Level Scheduling
  4. League Scheduling
  5. Tournament Bracket Generation
  6. League/Tournament/Season Standings
  7. Field Reservations

Online Sports Registration Software:

  1. Multiple Programs
  2. Customizable Form Fields
  3. Easy Player Registration Process
  4. Discounts, Waiver Collection
  5. Advanced Reports
  6. Multi Player and Program Registration
  7. Tournament Registration

Payment Processing:

  1. Online and Offline Payments
  2. Secure Online Payments
  3. Auto Payments
  4. Refund Payments
  5. Accept Credit & Debit Cards, ACH
  6. Pass Convenience Fee
  7. Lowest Processing Rates
  8. Financial Tracking
  9. We - Pay Integration

Sports Team App:

  1. Inbuilt Team App for all Teams
  2. Schedule and Roster Management
  3. Player Availability, Attendance
  4. Easy Communication, Mobile App
  5. Announcements, Live Chat
  6. Pictures, Videos, Resources
  7. Results, League Standings
  8. Team Player

Player and Parent Portal:

  1. Athletic Profile
  2. Athletic Performance Management
  3. Schedule Management
  4. Access All Teams
  5. Player Stats
  6. Family Members Schedules


  1. Centralized Communication
  2. Online and Email Messages
  3. Text (SMS) and Mobile App Notifications
  4. Team Communication
  5. Advanced Group Communication Options

SportsPlus Support & Customer Service

We have a designated team provides 24/7 customer service to our users. At the same time our main goal is to help the customer and customer satisfaction through our "Live Chat" which solves the user concerns with friendly approach and helps in providing quick service and available 24/7.

Countries SportsPlus Services Available In

Currently Our Target location is USA Planning to expand our services to other countries of the world for ex:

  1. Europe
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Australia
  4. India
  5. Gulf Countries
  6. South America Countries
  7. African Countries

In all major sports:

  1. Baseball
  2. Basketball
  3. Ice Hockey
  4. Field Hockey
  5. Tennis
  6. Football
  7. Soccer
  8. Rugby
  9. Lacrosse
  10. Badminton
  11. Cricket
  12. Volleyball

SportsPlus Pricing

SportsPlus Free Trial Information

No Credit Card Required for 14 Day Free Trial

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4 Reviews

Last reviewed on
06 December 2019

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Monday, December 9, 2019

Verified Review

I have used SportPlus for over a year now for our cities rec programming needs for over 2200 athletes, 200 coaches, 300 teams, 10 league sports, 40 summer camps and 40 classes with 3 application administrators. The system does it all from registering and taking payments online, organizing teams and leagues, setting up games and practice schedules, communication between parents,coaches and organization staff, scheduling referees, and tournaments and way more. SportsPlus is an all in 1 program and with the mobile app it gets the information to parents and coaches right on the fields and they are going to introduce texting which will be a game changer. It was not easy to use at first, you have to put some time in, but the time is well spent and saved once you learn the system, the programming team has made huge improvements on making things easier to use over the past year. The programmers are a good group of people who really want to help you and improve the system, they get 5 stars for customer service. A nice feature is that you get the entire system when you sign up, SportsPlus does not nickle and dime you with having to purchase modules, you get the entire system, and there is a lot in this system. You grow into SportsPlus with features like parents volunteering for game snacks or car pooling, field reservations and rentals or player fitness tracking and if you don't want these features you simply turn them off until you need them. We reviewed a lot of companies and have seen a lot of them for way more money and get less for what SportsPlus offers. Thank you guys and keep up the good work.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

We have been using SportsPlus for the past 6 months. Initially it took few weeks to set it up and get used to it. After that it started working well . Now we have one go to place for all coaches and parents.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The website is very hard to navigate and now only large organization friendly. They also never informed current members of the changes

Response from SportsPlus:
30 July 2019 at 23:49

Hello Eric, Recently we have improved our UI and navigation and I am sure you will find it better now. Also, we have implemented a new process to communicate the system updates that we do every 3 weeks. Please re-consider your review. Thanks, Peter

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

We have tried few other software platforms, which did not work for us. Some created more problems. Then when Thapos showed up on our radar, I kind of instantly felt that this is the one that is going to work for us. So I went ahead and implemented it. The implementation went very smooth. They did not let us down. The features as they promised are working well. Thanks team Thapos for making such a product that works for us.

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