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About AppFolio

AppFolio Property Manager is a powerful cloud-based property management software that allows multifamily and single-family, commercial, student housing, homeowners and condo association, and mixed portfolio property managers to more effectively market, manage and grow their business.

Our online property management software includes complete accounting and property management functionality, including the ability to:
-Provide instant access to reports and statements directly through the Owner Portal
-Post vacancy ads to your website and hundreds of listing sites on the Internet
-Accept online rental applications and leases
-Quickly screen residents
-Streamline dues increases and rent collection online
-Perform mobile inspections
-Communicate with residents through text messages

AppFolio Key Features

  • Residential & Student Housing
  • Commercial
  • Homeowners & Condo Association
  • Owner Reports & Statements
  • Marketing & Leasing Features
  • Online Applications & Payments
  • Streamlined Rent Collection
  • Mobile Inspections
  • Communication Features
  • Resident Screenings

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from RE/MAX Associated Realty

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Appflio is not an accounting system, it is a trust account only. Terrible customer service,the worst I have ever dealt with.

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from 648 Riverside drive

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

I hesitate to give this company even one star. I spoke with two representatives on the phone and received another communication via email through my management company. All communications contradicted each other and the sarcastic tone of the phone reps was insulting.

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from South Creek

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Agree with most of the reviews covering the same thing. NO SUPPORT or very lacking. I never get an answer that is helpful, always by email and days late. I beg for someone to call me to actually resolve the issue but that does not work either. W hen their email doesn't give me the answer I ask again and have to wait days again. I ask a specific question like how to do something, three email later I get a response "in reality we can't do that" after the inquiries prior to that we "yes, we can do that".

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from Door to Door Properties LLC.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

The software appears to work fine as long as you do not support, The support team is terrible at resolving in less than 3 to 5 days. The company also does not have any supervision of people on site according to the girl on the telephone. The company should consider payed technical support team by telephone, Dell did it for years with great success. If you are looking for assistance from the support team to at Appfolio it is not going to happen.

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from Property Management & Maintenance

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The software is great. I does more than I could possibly imagine. Technical support is the worst! Right after we went live, we received minimal help. I was assigned to a dedicated person for 2 months to help with support. Instead of calling me, she would email asking me if I had looked at the help tutorials and then try to answer my question via email. So frustrating because it was always more complicated than reading a tutorial. When she did call she was rude and short. I could not wait for the 2 months to be over. But, it did not get better. When I submit a support ticket I get a phone call two days later when I am not in the office and then they drop my ticket. Or, I get an email that is not even close to answering my question and then they move on to the next person and I have to start all over again. Very frustrating. If I do get to talk to someone, they still ask did I read the help tutorial. Really!! Fix your support issues please.

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from Oz Realty

Thursday, January 10, 2019

We were ditched immediately after onboarding and received NO support whatsoever. Our information was ported over incorrectly causing massive accounting errors, owner statments have clerical errors, owners and tenants can't log in or reset passwords. When we call we wait on hold just to put in a support request and have someone email us 2 days later. When we schedule a call they call late and if we can't answer we have no way to call back without putting in another support request and waiting another 48 hours. This has been the worst experience ever and not only for our business but for our owners and tenants as well!

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from Contract Floors of Central Texas

Friday, November 2, 2018

I work for a flooring company that primarily deals with property management companies. Many of our customers use AppFolio and so we do a good bit of business with their customers. Recently we stopped receiving emails from AppFolio to our G Suite accounts. I have been over every setting and change possible to try to figure out why this is not working on my side with the G Suite Email IT support specialists. Once we had covered all of our bases on our side I called AppFolio and was told that there was nothing they could do because I was not one of their customers. I explained in detail that I needed no private or personal information but that I needed IP and Domain information so that I could white list them since they do not meet G Suite Security standards. The Customer service agent was not only unwilling to help but went so far as to repeat " you are not one of our customers so there is nothing we can do for you" every time I spoke. Rude, unprofessional and unhelpful. Beware any company that calls caustic sarcasm customer service.

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from Finlay Holdings

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

I am the homeowner. I have two rentals, one is a vacation rental and one is long term. Each managed by different property managers. Both use AppFolio.

I have just fired the vacation rental manager mostly due to AppFolio. The system is terrible and not conducive to short term rentals. Property manager insists on it cause it is cheaper then alternatives.

I am about to fire the manager handling the long term property. I hired her in June and to this date I have had nothing but trouble logging into owned portal. I am forced to reset password each time, then wait for ever for the reset email, which usually doesn't come.

In the future, I will inquire about accounting/management software during interview process. If they are using AppFolio I will move on to next option.

Definitely a case of getting what you pay for.

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from Level Property Management

Monday, August 13, 2018

Is there a 0 star review?

We are a property management company and have been using the software for years now.
Lately we had to change our URL to align with our company name. First off, their support gave us a new url and confirmed that it was clear and good for us to use. After few weeks they had to change it because it was already used by a different company.

They didn't care on all works that we had to go through specially all the expenses that we spent with the marketing.

We've had several conversation for them if they can find a way since it wasn't our error but all they have to do was to give us BS. After promising that they will be reversing the charges that we spent on marketing, nothing has been refunded after our URL has been changed.

We've had several tickets submitted lately but none of them have been resolved. They kept on telling us that they will escalate the case and someone will call us back but none of them called but closed the ticket unresolved.

These guys are just after our money. Right now they are charging our tenants for $25 for convenience fee for online payments (Seriously) and yet your service is a big BS.

You guys really suck!!

Please improve your service to be easier for your customers.

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from DeNike Realty and Property Management

Thursday, July 12, 2018

We have been utilizing AppFolio for over 5 years now. The one thing that I can say has been consistent since day one is HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. We have been dealing with a accounting issue for well over a year now and they still have not resolved which is costing us a insane amount of time and money not to mention making us look horrible with clients. Let me also not forget to mention that the issue occurred after they took it upon themselves to do a "software update". We are not the only company affected there are so many others I am finding out. The accounting of the software is useless! We would be better off utilizing Quickbooks. The system continuously tries to overpay/underpay owners when calculating payments and to make matters worse the money comes from suppressed GL accounts that are supposed to come 100% to our company. We are at a point of hiring legal counsel from the amount of money this company has cost us! Please do your homework before buying into this crappy software.

Response from AppFolio:
18 July 2018 at 10:58

Hi Christie, we are sorry to hear about your negative experience. AppFolio Property Manager is a robust software with built-in accounting features, using our solution, or any other property management accounting software, will require accounting knowledge. Our customers typically have dedicated resources on their team with accounting expertise, and if you don’t we strongly recommend investing in this part of your business. We understand you’ve been speaking with a manager on our Customer Success team for several weeks to help walk you through and resolve any issues. If you need additional assistance, please reach out to us directly. We hope to help you resolve this issue moving forward.

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Friday, May 4, 2018

Always issues with accounting. As well as login.
Says login info isn’t right. I’m 100% sure it is. More than that in fact...
Login reset password option doesn’t work. Says it sent it. It didn’t. Not even in spam. Used them as a tenant for a couple years. Never been impressed.. It’s for landlords ONLY. Screw the tenants that keep landlords in business, who’d have nothing without us. My last landlord used it and there were always issues. New one uses it and always issues now, too. I don’t have these problems with anything else! Fix your password reset option. Actually send out the reset emails you say you sent!

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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Worst company to take care of information for companies. I had an account with them. Now that it is tax season, I cannot access forms and files for my taxes. they will not get the forms for me. They said to go to another company for help. I would suggest every company should do the same. Go to another company.

Response from AppFolio:
22 June 2016 at 09:03

Dear M. Wench,

Thank you for your feedback, we take your comments seriously. Unfortunately, because your subscription is no longer active you're not able to use AppFolio to file your 1099s with us. We do offer the option to import your final balances from AppFolio into the new solution as starting balances, which would have allowed you to file with the new software. In addition, we do send 1099K's to former customers if they meet the requirements for credit card payments. Please contact us if you'd like to learn more about this option.

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from Vol llc

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Not user friendly in accounts payable/write checks or bank recs. Contacting and getting support takes days!

Response from AppFolio:
22 June 2016 at 09:06

Hi Bonnie,

Thanks for your comments, we take each customer experience into consideration. We recently released the Owner & Vendor eChecks to streamline the payables process and allow you to pay your vendors and owners directly through AppFolio. We also provide a sync transactions feature which speeds up bank reconciliations. You may visit our help center or submit a support request if you would like to learn more about either of these features. We would be happy to get in touch with you and assist with this process!

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