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What is Cluetivity?

Cluetivity®, a privately held company, was founded in Berlin, Germany in 2010 by outdoor, tech and game fans.

What is Cluetivity®? It’s an action-packed adventure experience that incorporates the best elements of a typical treasure hunt, with GPS-Geocaching, Live-Escape-Games and cool gadgets, while adding Augmented Reality (AR) technology to achieve an unforgettable experience. Players get to visit new places, solve tricky riddles, interact with virtual avatars and complete the mission.

How does Cluetivity® work? Cluetivity®'s gamification technology will assist every Partner in dealing with team build-up for families, friends, companies and smoothen out the process of delivering their concepts with respect to cost efficiency. For a single team or multiple teams and large events, Cluetivity® is always the right choice. Simply, it's a more reliable way to interact, boost team quality, and generally have fun. Cluetivity® games utilize the latest AR and geolocation technologies in order to create a truly unique and immersive outdoor and indoor experiences. These games bring in the best components of standard escape rooms, together with scavenger hunt and geocaching elements.

Partnerships Cluetivity® partners with more than 150 companies from different business fields such as leisure, tourism and events in 20 different countries worldwide.

This initiative has enabled companies to upgrade their team activities, reduce startup costs, time investment and red tape. It gets customers to know new places and grow their entertaining choices in a very playful, educational and modern way. Cluetivity® offers full exclusive licenses, support and training, marketing material and sharing knowledge for all its partners all over the world.

Cluetivity® is a GPS treasure-hunting game that is suitable for companies and for families and friends of all ages. The gameplay consists of players being provided with an iPad and a suitcase (also known as the ActionPack) that are used to find geolocations, solve riddles and figure out puzzles to accomplish the main mission. Along the way, they interact with virtual avatars in real places.

Cluetivity® games are highly customizable, in terms of location, size and complexity. The games are available in 16 languages. The partners can decide to select a pre-set game or create it from scratch and establish their own tailor-made route that meets their needs. Some tasks can contain functionalities of discovering physical objects which players can physically hold. Also, players can be directed to make the game more interesting, a stop at a local business for a snack or treat can suffice.

Why Cluetivity® stands out from its competition? Augmented Reality (AR) games will engage and entertain all participants. Before the game commences, everything’s planned out to seamlessly ensure all the details of the game's design are at per. Cluetivity® provides its partners with professional support to ensure all their attendees and customers get an experience to remember.

Cluetivity® has the latest cutting-edge software technology with three fully-established fantasy, spy and mystery murder games for outdoors and indoors. Each Cluetivity® partner will be ensured of being introduced to a new experience and linked with a new level of technology to enhance the purpose they want to reach. The stories are totally immersive and fully interactive.

Featuring AR Cluetivity® games at any corporate or friendly function will give all the participants a fun, unique and memorable experience. The intention of the Cluetivity® gaming software is to provide its partners with the perfect tools to engage the audience together in immersive games, puzzles and challenges.

Great Solution: The Next Big Thing! It’ been a real challenge for HR people to organize for all the employees to be transported to the escape room location and even when they get there, constraints such as room size becomes an issue. For this reason, just to give an example, mobile escape games with outdoor and indoor puzzles and scavenger games, such as Cluetivity®, are becoming the trendy and uncomplicated solution.

When talking about corporate activities, nothing brings a team of employees together like cooperative puzzles and strategic riddles. Cluetivity® brings out the best in every staff by enforcing problem-solving techniques that make the whole group succeed together.

Outdoor and Indoor Cluetivity®`s games keep becoming more popular as there are no spaces constraint like before. With geolocation games, players will still have the escape-room-style gaming, but at the same time, they get to explore locations they visit, work, and live in. The best scavenger hunting games integrate the city’s architecture and local history as part of their clues.

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Cluetivity Key Features

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What is Cluetivity?

Cluetivity Product Details

Depending on the business location, puzzles and riddles can be tailored to include trivia or interesting information and facts about the history and geography of a particular area. Also, existing landmarks and points of interest can be used to provide reliable information for the quest and pieces of puzzles. This makes the experience more interactive and livelier over more popular sight-seeing destinations around the area.

There are different games to choose from.

  1. Magic Portal Magic Portal is an outdoor GPS adventure game that accentuates reality and fantasy combined into one platform. On this magical treasure hunt, every team, with the help of an iPad equipped with GPS and a Goblin avatar, is guided throughout their area. Their quest will be saving the world from evil trolls invading the planet. Every member of the team has to work together to crack the riddles and solve all the puzzles so as to close the magic portal!

  2. Operation Mindfall For Operation Mindfall, an evil organization is responsible for releasing a mind-control virus on the world and intends to remotely activate its evil power at a point in time! The players objective is to establish communication with the Secret Agent organization (W.I.S.E.) in order to create an antivirus, cleans the area’s groundwater, and hack into the malicious company’s mainframe server to stop the signal and save the world! They will be guided throughout the mission by a secret agent AR avatar while armed with a top-secret case composing gadgets that will help the team solve the quest. A perfect story to play outdoor and indoor!

  3. Einstein Unsolved In this game, Einstein is found dead, and the team’s task is to uncover the murder mystery. Einstein Unsolved is basically an indoor mystery AR game which involves people interacting with the world around them to establish a unique unifying experience. It’s more of a mixture of the standard escape room game and an AR game. A perfect story to play outdoor and indoor!

Cluetivity Support & Customer Service

If you want to bring augmented reality and a unique solution to be part of your business, Cluetivity® has got you covered and guarantees success. As industry leaders in the AR space, we intend to customize a unique design that brings unforgettable experiences. We are knowledgeable and can guide you through an exclusive experience that will impact you and your customers, right from planning stages up to facilitating the event. We are ahead of the latest technology gaming. Our friendly and highly-skilled team is looking forward to guide you through every step of the way, including the management of user-friendly customization tools. You can consult our experts so as to spot a few amazing features that will be amongst the options of your corporate gathering or party. They will make your next game experience more entertaining with cutting-edge technology. We offer free consultancy, trial demo and personalized calls. After acquiring information, our friendly professionals will assist you in choosing the most suitable license range and price. We love working with our partners and to help them to achieve their needs and make their business a success!

Countries Cluetivity Services Available In

Cluetivity® works worldwide!

So far it partners with more than 150 companies from different business fields such as leisure, tourism and events in 20 different countries worldwide.

This initiative has enabled companies to upgrade their team activities, reduce startup costs, time investment and red tape. It gets customers to know new places and grow their entertaining choices in a very playful, educational and modern way. Cluetivity® offers full exclusive licenses, support and training, marketing material and sharing knowledge for all its partners all over the world.

Cluetivity Pricing

City Flat License The CITY FLAT license is available for a city, county or state, especially as listed on the order email confirmation, invoice, or as listed in the paragraph “Territorial Extension” as it is in this license agreement. The features of the Flat City License include:

  • Exclusive Area License with territorial protection
  • Unlimited Games, no additional royalties or fee
  • Full Marketing Materials
  • Premium Support
  • Free Updates

White Label Cluetivity® also believes that branding is a big part of every company stamp. By using white label, each partner can offer the game solution with their own logo and brand. This way, they will stand out from their competitors and build a strong emotional bond with their clients.

Cluetivity Free Trial Information

You can simply start discovering, optimizing and growing your organization today. Get in touch with the Cluetivity Team to start a free trial now and get a limited time access to all the premium features. If you're not sure, schedule a demo and learn how Cluetivity® works. Contact us today for more information!

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Last reviewed on
31 October 2019

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Friday, November 1, 2019

from Explore Austin Texas Inc (2 - 10 Employees)

The most powerful GPS/AR platforms on the planet and amazing service!

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Saturday, July 27, 2019

from Wander

Since we decided to explore the B2B field, we found Cluetivity as a good starting and doors opening due to the simplicity of integrating the games into our offer list without much technical knowledge and additional costs.

Our main target is corporate events and team building activities. We can adapt the story games to any individual business case and needs. We're satisfied of being part of the Cluetivity network.

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Thursday, June 20, 2019

from Freiberuflig

The perfect solution to start a B2B team building business

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