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01 July 2018

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Monday, July 2, 2018

Don't waste your time. This is a scam.

I bought multiple vps with Hiformance and all experienced the same problems. I've been trying to get use out of them for the past few months but I've given up now.

* They massively oversell. You will get great performance for about a week. Then it will dive off a cliff.

* They charge $5 for moving to a new location. The website used to advertise free location data transfers. They have now removed that without notifying the customers. YOU ARE STUCK ON YOUR CRAPPY NODE UNLESS YOU PAY MORE.

* They once moved me to a location I never requested, then asked me for $5 to move back

* I once specifically asked for transfer with data, they forgot my data. They actually deleted all my data…

* They now admit that the horrible performance is normal. They suggested I pay much more to get a dedicated server.

* When I say horrible performance, I mean really absolutely trash. I measured about 6x slower CPU and 10x slower disk speeds compared to other cheap vps providers.

* Their low level support staff is incompetent. They screwed up my network configuration so no outgoing traffic would work. I wasted about 4 hours finding and fixing the problem myself.

* The Ubuntu linux kernel is v2.6, which does not support docker. So forget running docker.

Seriously avoid these guys.

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