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26 April 2020

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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

First off, Jenzabar is an SIS not a Learning Platform. It seems that Jenzabar is better designed to keep track of students, attendance, room assignments and other admin functions than it is to support the learning process and teaching process of students and profs. For example, I can't drop and drag in this system. If I have 4 courses of the same subject level, I have to treat many (not all) actions separately for each section. Overall, it seems that what I want it to do, it can do but with much manipulation. It is a very "clicky" system. You have to do multiple steps and clicks for a function that should be done in one or two clicks. It is cheaper than other systems which is why our institution bought into it. But, it is awkward, time-consuming, and really not designed for instruction. Instruction runs in the background while its real purpose as a student Info System runs up front.

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