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What is Online HR Management Software?

Online HR Management Software consists of many different applications that are hosted ‘on-demand’ under the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, meaning that the software is web based, hosted on the Cloud and accessed when it’s needed. HR Management Software includes services such as Employee Scheduling, Recruitment and Talent Management Software, which users can access primarily through interfaces such as web browsers. If you’re looking for similar Online Software like HR Management Software, consider our Customer Management or Collaboration categories.


All-in-One HR Solution for Leaders

Paycor HR provides a better way for employers to connect with their employees and simplify everyday processes. Learn more about Paycor.

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Sage HR

Easy-To-Use HR Management Software

Looking after your people now is more important than ever. User-friendly and mobile-ready, Sage HR helps you remotely track, manage and engage your employees as easily as you do in the office. Learn more about Sage HR.

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Time - HR - Talent

WorkforceHUB, by Swipeclock, unifies time tracking, scheduling, benefits and applicant tracking into a modern and agile solution tailored for small business. Delivering mission-critical features employers need with rapid time-to-value and friendly UI. Learn more about WorkforceHUB:.

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HR Management Software

About PeopleStrong When the industry was suffering from “Elephant and the five blind men” phenomenon, our dream team created PeopleStrong. Learn more about PeopleStrong.

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HR Management Software

OrangeHRM aims to be the world’s leading HRM solution for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) by providing a flexible and easy to use HRM system affordable for any company worldwide. The project was started during fall 2005 and the first beta release was made.. Learn more about OrangeHRM.

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HR Management Software

peopleHum is the next generation people platform, built ground up to get a single view that shows how well the people in your organization are connected. Be it candidates, employees or customers, use predictive and AI technologies to enable better people decisions. We.. Learn more about peopleHum.

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Ultimate Software

HR Management Software

Ultimate Software’s UltiPro® cloud solutions for HR, payroll, and talent are inherently designed to improve the employee experience. Powered by Xander®, Ultimate’s portfolio of “People First” artificial intelligence technologies, UltiPro helps organizations develop.. Learn more about Ultimate Software.

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HR Management Software

About Ceridian Ceridian is a global human capital management (HCM) software company. Dayforce, our flagship cloud HCM platform, provides human resources, payroll, benefits, workforce management, and talent management capabilities in a single solution. Our platform.. Learn more about Ceridian.

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HR Management Software

HROne is an intelligent & interactive mobile-first employee experience HCM suite based on the cloud with a vision to help HRs save time, simplify human interactions to increase employee happiness, and provide actionable insights to foresee the risks and opportunities... Learn more about HROne.

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HR Management Software

NEOGOV is the market and technology leader in on-demand human resources software for the public sector. Our HR software automates the entire hiring, onboarding, and performance evaluation process. Learn more about NEOGOV.

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Zoho People

HR Management Software

Simplified Time Management Zoho People lets you manage your employee attendance, time-offs and timesheets from a central location, with IP restrictions in place. You can check-in, apply for leave and track your time directly from your mobile devices as well... Learn more about Zoho People.

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HR Management Software

The smart HR software for growing businesses Manage your hiring, onboarding, time-off, employee data, and HR workflows in one place. Learn more about FreshTeam.

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Exenta Software Private Limited

HR Management Software

Exenta brings cutting-edge business solutions to mid-tier companies hampered by inefficient legacy ERP systems, isolated data streams and spiraling costs. Our next-generation, cloud-based enterprise technology seamlessly helps businesses reach their full potential -.. Learn more about Exenta Software Private Limited.

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SolutionDots Systems

HR Management Software

SolutionDots has a new approach to designing, building and using business managing software or ERP systems, our ERP software maximizes productivity across your entire organization. SolutionDots isn’t just business software; it can also open vistas of possibility you.. Learn more about SolutionDots Systems.

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HR Management Software

We’re an international and fast-growing IT company from Australia with headquarters in Kyiv, Ukraine. At a certain stage of our growth, we realized that our HR is overwhelmed with recruitment, daily routine, and all the related stuff, so we decided to automate and.. Learn more about PeopleForce.

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HR Management Software

Our story Since our inception in 1996, bswift’s goal has been to use technology and information to: Simplify the administration of health care Reduce costs Connect consumers to the resources they need to achieve their health ambitions We discovered there.. Learn more about bswift.

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HR Management Software

A unified HR solution that delivers a proven ROI. Our end-to-end solution provides fully integrated Payroll, People Management, Workforce Management, Talent, Recruitment and Analytics. The unrivalled breadth and depth of functionality of our solution can simplify and.. Learn more about CoreHR.

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Traction on Demand

HR Management Software

Traction on Demand is one of North America's largest dedicated Salesforce consulting and application development firm delivering cross-platform solutions and standalone SaaS products. As both a Platinum Consulting Partner and Premium.. Learn more about Traction on Demand.

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HR Management Software

Randstad RiseSmart is the world’s fastest-growing career transition and talent mobility provider. We are an operating company of Randstad N.V., the global leader in the HR services industry, which helps more than two million candidates find meaningful work every year... Learn more about RiseSmart.

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HR Management Software

We are currently waiting for our team of software specialists to complete their research on Globoforce. A more detailed breakdown of their services and company reviews are currently available on their profile page. Learn more about Globoforce.

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HRdirect Smart Apps

HR Management Software

For more than 30 years, HRdirect has been committed to helping employers like you efficiently, affordably and legally manage the employee side of running a business. And along the way, we’ve continually updated our products and services to help you: • Comply with.. Learn more about HRdirect Smart Apps.

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HR Management Software

A fast-growing leader in the Software as a Service (SaaS) Human Capital Management (HCM) space, Ascentis offers easy-to-use HCM, HRIS, online payroll, talent management, recruiting and timekeeping solutions. With 35 years in the industry, Ascentis has supported an.. Learn more about Ascentis.

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HR Management Software

Darwinbox is a new-age & disruptive mobile-first, cloud-based HRMS platform built for the large enterprises to attract, engage, and nurture their most critical resource - talent. It is an end-to-end integrated HR system consisting of promising modules like Performance,.. Learn more about Darwinbox.

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Employment Hero

HR Management Software

Employment Hero is one Australia’s fastest-growing SaaS companies. Our platform helps small and medium-sized businesses around the world manage all of their HR, payroll, recruitment and employee benefits via one beautiful, cloud-based platform. Since our inception in.. Learn more about Employment Hero.

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HR Management Software

BizMerlin is the leading, award-winning cloud-based Human Resource Management solution. Over 1000+ teams of small and mid-sized organizations use BizMerlin's HRM solution to manage hiring and retention of qualified candidates with a single, fully integrated solution... Learn more about BizMerlin.

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Written by Sarah Ketchell on 15 April 2021

Benefits, payroll, training, performance review - even in an era of increasing online and remote work, companies face the same challenges when it comes to managing their teams. Those challenges apply to all levels of business. Companies on the enterprise level, large businesses with multiple sites and dozens of employees, might have the advantage of dedicated human resource (HR) teams. They also have far more employees to manage, making HR management a bigger challenge in the first place.

For small and medium-sized businesses, fewer employees means less overall work, but also few resources to manage the problem. Small businesses in particular face the challenge of managing any employees on top of all of the other jobs a typical small-business owner faces. Adding the logistics of HR management on top of marketing, managing, and building the business poses a huge challenge for small business owners.

Fortunately, in today’s software-driven world, there are numerous solutions for the HR problem. HR management software comes in all virtual shapes and sizes, including solutions tailored for the smallest businesses as well as multi-national corporations. In fact, the biggest challenge when it comes to finding a solution to your HR management problems is simply making the best choice out of all the options.

In this guide, we’ll help you navigate the jungle of HR management software. We’ll define key terms, break down what to look for, and highlight some of the best solutions currently available.

What is human resource management?

Let’s start with some definitions. As we’ve already mentioned, the broad category of human resources refers to the process of managing a company’s employees. Traditionally, companies used teams of dedicated employees to handle human resource tasks.

Elements of HR management

What are those tasks? At its most basic, human resources refers to the hiring, training, managing, and firing of employees. Those four components could perhaps be trimmed down even further, to employee hiring and firing. But rather than become something narrowly-focused and highly specialized, human resources has grown in recent years to cover more and more aspects of the employee-employer relationship.

Listing all the individual elements that fall in the category of human resources is an impossible task; every company handles human resource management in a slightly different way. But most components of HR fall into one of several broader categories. These are the standard elements to an HR management approach:

  • Managing workers
    Hours worked, benefits earned, annual leave time accrued, complaints or recognition filed; simply tracking the normal, day-to-day facets of a worker’s role within a company can be a time-consuming task. But tracking those daily aspects is crucially important for any company in order to maintain good employee relations.

  • Training talent
    Not every worker is equally qualified. Human resources departments aim to recruit the best workers for each role and provide training for anyone not up to the correct level. Managing talent, not just timetables, is one of HR’s primary roles. That includes onboarding and orientation.

  • Encouraging collaboration
    Teambuilding and networking also fall into HR’s purview. In general, human resource management aims to boost employee involvement, feedback, and collaboration. That can be done through teambuilding exercises, regular feedback, and internal surveys.

For upper-level employees, HR management might focus on keeping fair pay schedules and using analytics to track performances.

Why use HR management software?

Managing workers, training talent, and encouraging collaboration form the chief elements of any human resource management software, but what specific benefits come with it? Why choose HR management software to help your company?

Every HR software solution will come in a slightly different form, but you’ll find that each offers some combination of the benefits listed below:

  • Employee evaluation
    Regular employee reviews can be stored, tracked, and reviewed as needed, giving HR managers complete access to all the information they need to analyze performance.

  • Employee feedback
    There’s room in most HR management solutions for bottom-up feedback as well, where employees can submit their own thoughts on processes and performance.

  • Timekeeping
    It’s a long way from punchcards, but HR management software provides the newest and best method to track time worked.

  • Payroll management
    If you can track employee timesheets, it makes sense that HR management software would allow payroll management as well.

  • Attendance tracking
    Absences, whether legitimate or not, are a key part of employee reviews. Tracking attendance and absence allows employers to reward hard-working employees and highlight ones who need additional support.

  • Recruitment/applications tracking
    Recruitment is a huge part of any HR department. Track promising candidates both internally and externally, and store applications that come in for future reference.

  • Employee retention
    Improved employee retention happens naturally when feedback is heeded, performance recognized, and good morale maintained.

  • Training/development
    With HR software, HR managers can initiate and track training programs. Prioritizing employee development has knock-on benefits for morale while having a centralized platform for tracking the training programs themselves allows managers to evaluate the success or failure of each program and allocate resources accordingly.

  • Self-service
    Many HR platforms have self-service portals for employees, allowing them to log in and track training, and submit reviews.

  • Compliance
    Not every function of an HR solution is internal. HR software provides better accountability and compliance with external regulations as well.

That’s not an exhaustive list; every HR management solution out there will offer a slightly different approach to the problem, with new benefits and extra tricks to help you maximize the productivity of your HR management software. And at the end of the day, that’s the biggest benefit HR software provides - reducing costs and increasing efficiency for companies both large and small.

Which companies need HR management software?

HR management was traditionally the purview of highly-trained HR professionals. Those roles haven’t gone away, but as small businesses and online businesses proliferated companies began to look for a more innovative approach to HR management. The need for HR software is particularly acute for smaller companies without the necessary resources to employ a full team of HR professionals.

Because comprehensive HR software provides a wide array of benefits there’s something in it for every company. Entrepreneurs on their way to building the next mega-corporation can use HR management software to track the best talent, while a locally-owned shop might find the payroll management aspects to be a lifesaver.

Advantages of HR management software

Dedicated HR management software makes HR easier by bringing the different functions of HR under one roof. And by placing all the necessary resources in one place, HR management software allows nearly anyone to manage the process, regardless of training or previous expertise.

Most HR systems use some form of the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. With SaaS, software is quickly downloaded and easily updated, and can be managed remotely. This makes the SaaS model ideal for any company that prefers the flexibility of software with the commitment of troubleshooting and constant update schedules.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of the SaaS model comes with the subscription system most SaaS companies use. By paying on a monthly basis, companies looking for HR management software avoid being locked into a solution that doesn’t suit them. There’s nothing to prevent a company from switching services at any point.

Because of the flexibility in the SaaS model, companies can look for an HR management solution that suits them. Not every software suite is created equal; some programs cater to mom-and-pop businesses, while others are intentionally more complex to meet the needs of enterprise-level corporations.

10 best HR management software for 2021

Now that we’ve outlined how and why HR management solutions work, it’s time to quickly cover a few of the favorite solutions heading into 2021. There’s a software suite for any business no matter how large or small, so look through the list to find the solution that fits your company the best.

Software for small business

An HCM aimed directly at small to medium-sized businesses, Paycor provides everything needed to manage a growing team. Document storage, self-service functions, an app - all the basics of a well-designed HR management approach are here. Paycor offers a number of different plans; upgraded plans include increased support for payroll and benefits management.

Orange could fit into any category on this list. The software bills itself as “flexible,” and the software is available in a number of plans which range from a free plan for the smallest plan to far more expensive arrangements with multinational corporations. Even the free option is quite powerful, and OrangeHRM is designed to be completely scalable to suit any company.

A mobile-first HRM solution, that’s what HROne provides. Focusing on mobile users makes HROne ideal for smaller businesses. Built-in communications features, including group announcements and the ability to add automatic chat features, makes HROne perfect for remote work or smaller, multi-location companies.

Globoforce (now WorkHuman)
With a recent change of name, WorkHuman builds off its own formidable reputation. WorkHuman focuses on enabling employers to provide recognition for their employees, rewarding them socially and inspiring better work. Social recognition is WorkHuman’s brand. It’s not a comprehensive HR solution, but it does enable employers to track the entire employee lifecycle.

Software for midsize business

PeopleStrong Alt
Performance-focused rather than feature-focused, but with superior social media and mobile integrations; that’s one of PeopleStrong Alt’s major selling points. Designed for both medium and enterprise-level businesses, PeopleStrong lives up to its name with a particularly strong emphasis on employee recruitment and retention. Managers can integrate information from LinkedIn and Facebook profiles to keep tabs on promising talent. And of course, PeopleStrong also provides the usual array of payroll management and timekeeping functions.

FreshTeam receives high praise for excellent customer service support and features that excel at the traditional “hiring and firing” pillars of HR management, like the ability to create an inbox for a particular opening, and have every incoming email converted into an active application. Like OrangeHRM, FreshTeam offers a free version for smaller businesses, but is easily scalable to far larger enterprises.

Zoho People
Zoho offers a huge range of cloud-based business software solutions; People is their HR management solution. Its strengths lie in a well-designed hub that makes reporting timesheets and asking for time off easy to do and easy to oversee, from desktop and mobile devices. Zoho People can be scaled up to cover enterprises, but is most popular for small to mid-sized companies. And of course People is easy to integrate with other Zoho products, making it convenient to build out a complete array of software that all share a similar design.

Software for enterprise

UltiPro by Ultimate Software
Designed for all business sizes, but excels with larger companies. UltiPro casts a wide net, bringing a number of features and automation tools to streamline the management of even large numbers of employees. There are automatic timekeeping and payroll functions, as well as employee logins and detailed benefits management. In short, while a “one-size fits all” approach might seem problematic, UltiPro does its job admirably.

Ceridian Dayforce
Dayforce brings everything under one roof; payroll, hiring, training, timekeeping. With a single system and a fully integrated system with employee logins and management functions, Ceridian’s Dayforce HCM suite is a comprehensive solution. The payroll aspects are particularly strong and easy to use.

Lanteria’s CoreHR is just as it says - the central features of an HR management system without all the peripherals. That means that CoreHR covers recruitment to retirement, with added modulus available to cover payroll, benefits, and other aspects of broader HR management. Because of this structure, CoreHR is best suited for larger businesses with the resources to invest in a software solution.

How to use HR management software

There’s no right or wrong way to use HR management software. If you’re a small business and want to start with the basics, consider one of the HR software solutions that offer a free trial. You can use that time to master the basics and get an idea of the functionality of the software. It will also teach you what to look for in other HR management solutions.

Larger enterprises will want to prioritize scalability and flexibility, with the ability to add elements (and increase the price) as the company grows and expands.

Companies of any size should keep an eye on the communications elements supported by each HR solution, and make sure that mobile-friendly or app-based solutions are featured.

Choose an HR solution that works for your company, and invest the time needed to master what can often be a bewildering array of features. Investing that time early on will pay off in the long run.