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About Promys

Founded in 2003, Promys is one of the best reviewed business software solutions for IT, MSP, Audio Visual & Physical Security solution providers.. Promys is easy to use & implement and scales from five to five hundred users.

Re-written from scratch in the latest cloud technology, Promys helps companies grow by linking data between sales, project management, help desk, time & expense, service contracts, managed services and billing. Ease of use and business analytics are in a completely different class.

“Completely re-writing our PSA business software in the latest cloud technologies over the last three years was no easy task, but continuing to “put lipstick on the pig” wasn’t going to allow us to take our customers sales, service delivery, order fulfillment, help desk and managed services/support contract capabilities to the next level”. John Breakey, President of Promys

The Promys PSA philosophy is based on three core principles :

Principle #1): Be respectful of our customers & prospects Promys strives for respectful and candid conversations with our prospective customers to try and genuinely determine if there’s real value in partnering or not. No hard sell, no b.s.. Just a software vendor and a potential customer trying to mutually arrive at an honest “fit/no fit” answer.

Principle #2): Customers want solutions, not just PSA software Promys takes the time to learn our customers business problems and objectives, make best practice suggestions and then focuses our demonstrations and implementations on how to address those key business issues, NOT on doing generic software demo’s or training and leaving it up to the customer to figure out how that applies to their business.

Principle #3): Deliver outstanding value Like many of our technology solution provider customers, Promys is not the biggest company in our industry. So we focus on providing the maximum value to our customers. No nickel and diming, no long term contracts, no high pressure sales tactics, fixed fee implementations so you never run out of hours/help. Promys isn’t satisfied until our customers have achieved the business outcomes that caused them to go looking for new PSA business software to begin with.

John Breakey’s favorite saying and the Promys motto is “You’re never going to be perfect, but you can try.”

Promys Product Details

Promys is cloud based, fast, intuitive, easy to use and completely secure. Promys automates the entire business process with strong CRM, built-in quoting, Help Desk, managed services contract profitability tracking, recurring billing, project management, job costing, time & expense tracking and customer asset tracking.

Promys Support & Customer Service

No matter how great your PSA software is, no one benefits if no one users it. Promys focuses on driving user adoption by documenting your existing business processes, configuring the system for you, and then training your users on the “best practice” approaches that leverage all of the Promys functionality. This ensures that your team gets the most out of your PSA software investment, immediately.

Countries Promys Services Available In

United States Canada UK

Promys Pricing

We keep it simple. 90 day renewals. No nickel & diming. No high pressure sales tactics. Starting at $39 per user per month.

Standard License $79/month ** Per user subject to quantity discounts CRM Built in Quoting Help Desk Managed Services/Support contract profitability tracking Recurring billing/subscriptions Project Management Job Costing Time & Expense tracking Customer Asset Tracking Procurement e-mail & calendar integration Customer self service portal Mobile

Tech/Engineer License $39/month ** Per user subject to quantity discounts Project & Service call assignments Time Sheets & Expenses e-mail & calendar integration Mobile

Promys Free Trial Information

Promys Key Features

  • CRM & Quoting
  • Help Desk
  • Managed Services/Subscription Automation
  • Project Management
  • Time & Expense tracking
  • Service Contract profitability tracking
  • RMM & Accounting integrations
  • e-mail and calendar integration
  • Customer self service portal
  • Job Cost/Project profitablity tracking

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from Rycom

Friday, May 11, 2018

Before Promys PSA we had for CRM & quoting, Remedy for Help Desk and PM’s used MS Project or Excel spreadsheets. The disconnects between those software products meant we were constantly re-keying data and having to pull data from multiple systems to create management reports, which always seemed out of date. It was difficult to get good visibility into Job Costing, Managed Service Contract profitability or cycle lessons learned from one department to another. Promys brought all of those modules and data together in one system, which has made our employees much more efficient and effective. Promys PSA has given our management team great visibility into line of business profitability and profitability leaks.

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from Eclipse Technology Solutions

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Intuitive solution with little training. Solid support from the Promys team with rapid response and resolution of issues as they arise. Very flexible in resolving unique issues as they arise.

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from BridgeTek Solutions LLC

Thursday, April 20, 2017

We are functioning better than ever after the Promys implementation and our team wants to recognize Promys for their efforts in making BridgeTek’s implementation a success. Promys serves as the backbone to our operations and I can’t imagine where we would be without it.

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from RadioWorks Communications Inc

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

To continue to grow we needed better dynamic real-time views into sales opportunities and revenue forecasts, billable staff time and project profitability. We were also spending a lot of time manually coordinating resource schedules and order fulfillment information via e-mail and shared calendars. The Promys PSA software allowed us to address all of those issues in one software solution and set a strong foundation for our continued growth.

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from BIOS

Friday, May 16, 2014

I looked at all the major PSA/Business software solutions before selecting PROMYS. Most were strong at managing the Help Desk, tracking work assignments and Time Sheets, but PROMYS was the only solution that was equally strong in CRM, Quoting, Project Management, Project Costing and tracking customer inventory/assets under support contract, along with the traditional PSA Service Management functionality.

That strength across our different lines of business was really important to us, since the majority of our customers are looking for a one stop shop, an IT solution provider partner who can provide them with Cloud solutions, Managed Services, Project based solutions, as well as break-fix support. PROMYS allows us to service our customers equally well in all of those different areas.

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from L2K

Friday, May 16, 2014

We selected the Promys PSA software in order to help us make profitable growth decisions by providing real-time visibility into resource and revenue forecasting, mid-project profitability and detailed company margin analytics. The Managed IT Service solutions that we deliver to our clients allow them to focus on their core competencies and leave managing their IT infrastructure to us. But in our own business, our previous business software (Connectwise) was becoming a distraction to running our business. Instead of the business enabler we had hoped for when first implemented, slow system response and support issues were consuming way too much time and attention. We have very aggressive growth plans so we needed to select a system that would not only support our current needs, but one that would handle the increasing complexity of our company as our growth continues. With Promys, we know that no matter how aggressively we grow, we won¿t outgrow our software infrastructure, so now we can go back to focusing on growing and managing our business, as opposed to managing our business software.

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