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What is Pulsehyip?

Pulsehyip is the best Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Development Company in India. it provides Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Investment script that enables you to create your own fiat currencies and Cryptocurrency investment business platform.

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Blockchain application development

Bitcoin banking software with blockchain

Bitcoin banking software with blockchain

MLM Software with all plans

cryptocurrency exchange software

bitcoin investment script

HYIP script

ICO script

decentralized exchange script

What is Pulsehyip?

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We provide eminent business solutions like Cryptocurrency Exchange, Crypto Wallet Development, Hyperledger Blockchain Development, Decentralized Exchange (DEX), ICO Development, Ethereum token Development like ERC20, ERC223, ERC721, Crypto Coin Creation, Bitcoin Mining, Bitcoin MLM software, Bitcoin Banking software, Crypto Trading and Lending software.

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We provide complete free demo version for all our products

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4 Reviews

Last reviewed on
17 August 2020

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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Attention this company is a scam
behind this company is Osiz technologies

Osiz Technologies — read rating!
Gmailu20 on Aug 10, 2020
Good day!
Development time 36 days. 16 moments later we are still waiting.
The things this company developed never worked.
We had to put thousands of hours of work on ourselves to find the mistakes so this company could fix them.

This company has no quality control. We had to review any allegedly corrected errors and these things were never corrected
Or the mistakes were still there

The company tried to sell us the wrong product for 8 months
A product has been created that steals the user's private keys.

Upgrades that we had developed by this company and were not yet completed were used by the competitors
These competitors were also looked after by this company. This company passed on our roadmap verbally and in writing 1: 1.

Our reputation has been destroyed.
We have a financial loss
Project, upgrades and lost profits of around $ 100, 000

We were blackmailed and forced by this company
We recently got a new team from this company after talking to the delivery manager.

Apparently all errors were corrected in 2 weeks
Only optimizations should be made.
After we created videos of the project for marketing and published them, nothing worked 1 day later.

What's next

If you do not complete the project, it is an economic fraud
The non-delivery of a product is considered fraud, although this has been contractually agreed otherwise

Recognition of european judgments in india
In principle, the recognition and enforcement of european judgments is possible. It is the so-called "lawsuit against the foreign judgment", a new lawsuit in which the foreign first judgment serves as evidence that can only be declared invalid under the conditions of section 13 of the code of civil procedure.

We will sue you here in our country for economic fraud and file a lawsuit for damages. That would be part of civil law

Then we will file a complaint with the police, which is part of criminal law in the public interest of india
You tried to deliver a wrong product to us and then you changed that product so that users' private keys are sent to the server and then obviously steal their assets
This is being followed up by the public prosecutor in india
If you complete the project but are now manipulating or complicating the work, we will hire another company to correct it at your own expense.
And don't worry, we'll legally introduce everything
We will not change this rating even if you try to blackmail us through your delivery manager
Since we only share our personal experiences here

What can you do now?

Complete the project! And save yourself

1 a lawsuit for economic fraud
2 lawsuit because of compensation
3 complaint to the police about economic fraud
4 complaint to the police for making products to defraud other users on behalf of your clients

When you have completed the project
We still leave this option open for us 2, 3, 4
To ensure later persecution by the authorities

We do not accept delays
Deceptions and sabotaging our project more
All things can be proven with screenshot and videos

Update 02.08.2020
Not to forget, that we test with 1 wallet or 1 user not 1000 users
For faster synchronization between our exchange and etherscan
This is our server: amd ryzen pro 1700x (8 x 3, 4 ghz) mit 32 gb ddr4 und 2x 1tb sata hdd. This company tells us i quote literally:
Good morning
For point 1 we already inform you, maximum sync done otherwise mysql server will dump we faced this problem.
To overcome this problem we need a separate server for mysql database.

Upddate 04.08.2020
We have a trading bot on our trading site and homepage
They destroyed it too. Our homepage and trading page with the bot no longer synchronize together, everything worked before. We have videos as evidence.

Update 09.08.2020
This company made half of our exchange unusable in 1 week

Whenever our rating is at the top, this company is pushing up one positive fake rating after another!

The first criminal complaint has just been sent. I reported you for fraud
Do you should stop working now, the claim for damages will be even bigger and your lawsuite too.
Hide full review and 3 responses?
Complaint Status

[Aug 10, 2020]
Osiz Technologies customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
Gmailu20 Aug 11, 2020

Update 11.08.2020
This company destroyed things that worked fine 8 months ago
Now they are working on it again for 8 days and it is a simple task
8 times they say it was repaired 8 times we had to determine that it was not true

But the worst thing is that this company does not manage that everything works equally well in every browser
Unbelievable what we experience !
Gmailu20 Aug 14, 2020

Update 14.08.2020
Today It was claimed that this company is finished now even though the same errors were still there
They said we should delete our reviews we won't
I warn everyone here stay away from this company - they are fraudsters and that is what the prosecution and our lawyers will deal with now
Gmailu20 Aug 14, 2020

Update 14.08.2020
This company stopped working and we were so good-natured and paid this company everything 10 months ago. We haven't received a completed project or this data after 17 months, although it should have taken 36 days

They also didn't give us the project details

Exchange Project files
Source code documentation for both
Smart contract and smart contract raw data to compile
We also did not get an exchange instaltion video from a -z so that we can check your data for operability
We will publish everything shortly

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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Pulsehyip has proven to be a credible partner of choice.

With our business venturing into bitcoin trading and also seeking an MLM solution for our ecommerce site, not only did we find much guidance in terms of the functionalities to incorporate in the websites, but we have been afforded a highly experienced team of developers and project managers at a fraction of a cost.

The team's designer assigned to our project is outstanding and I am thoroughly enjoying the decision to outsource this work to Pulsehyip because the project manager is so efficient at addressing my requirements and this gives me time to worry about my day to day activities.

Keep up the good work - can't wait for us to launch and unleash our latest arsernal in Africa!

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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Pulsehyip, pleasant company to work with blockchain based Application. when we came up with our requirement of our ICO project, we got quick response and suggestion to how we gonna work on this project and what are all the technologies that we might employ in order to complete our task which we have stated as our initial requirement. We are satisfactory with their hard work and finally they achieve the result and deployed to us which we expect earlier. We are happy to work on with our second requirement with Pulsehyip company and their team.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Pulsehyip is the strong Blockchain apps development partner that we were looking so far. The Blockchain apps team at Pulsehyip served the job excellently and knows very well how to build amazing Blockchain apps within time. They know how to maintain good relations via effective communication. Their quick response to each questions are highly appreciable. The final application delivered to us is of high-quality and developed strictly for our initial project's requirements. We are thankful for developing such an app and would be glad to work with them again.

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