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About Ravetree

Ravetree is a work management software platform that empowers teams to deliver work faster, be more informed, and spend less time searching for information. Project-driven organizations use Ravetree to manage their projects, resources, and creative workflows—all in one place. Ravetree eliminates the pain of moving between different applications to find important information, relying on cumbersome spreadsheets, and entering the same data in multiple places. Ultimately, companies benefit from having a single source of truth from which they can optimize their operations and easily see the big picture. Ravetree has a 5-star customer support rating, and takes pride in being a customer focused company. Training, setup, and customer support are 100% free. Schedule a demo today to find out why companies are moving from the other platforms to Ravetree.

Ravetree Product Details

Ravetree is a comprehensive work management software platform that includes: project management, resource planning, time & expense tracking, file management, and CRM.

File Approvals: It's common that different people, or groups of people, need to approval files before work begins. An example might be an Adobe Illustrator file for a website mockup. Most people will email the file to the people who need to sign off on it before it’s approved. This can be very cumbersome, especially when there are multiple reviewers. Ravetree simplifies this process by providing the ability for users to create customizable multi-tiered approval workflows for files. Once a file has been uploaded (or attached) to Ravetree then users can view a preview, approve (or reject) the file, and comment on the file. This can save a lot of time, and prevent the need to manually send emails.

Project and Work Item Requests: Sometimes employees and clients need to submit requests for projects or work items (i.e., “tasks”). Only after a request has been approved can the project or work item begin. Similar to our file approval process, users can create customizable approval workflows for project and work item requests. Once a request has been submitted, users can easily discuss the request on the request page comment feed. Our request form approval process eliminates the need to manually sent emails.

Resource Planning: Ravetree provides a powerful and easy-to-use way to see who has capacity to take on new work. Our “Schedule” page allows users to see how many hours each employee has been allocated on a given day. You can also see how many hours of capacity each person has remaining. Additionally, this can be viewed as percent utilization. We also provide that ability to view the work item backlog (i.e. unassigned work items), while also viewing the Schedule page, making it easy to make assignment to the appropriate people. Lastly, the Schedule page shows vacation days and company holidays.

Ravetree Support & Customer Service

Ravetree is proud to have a 5 star customer support rating. Our dedicated team of customer success representatives helps ensure that every customer gets the most value out of Ravetree. We make it easy for customers to submit customer support tickets, schedule online training, and contact us via phone. We also provide a collection of tutorial videos to help our customer get up and running quickly.

Countries Ravetree Services Available In

Ravetree is available worldwide and we provide support for all major international currencies.

Ravetree Pricing

Ravetree offers three payment options:

  1. Month-to-month at $39/user/month
  2. Quarterly at $102/user/quarter ($34/user/month)
  3. Yearly at $348/user/year ($29/user/month)

Ravetree Free Trial Information

Ravetree offers a free 7-day trial.

Ravetree Key Features

  • Project Management
  • Resource Planning
  • Time Tracking
  • Expense Tracking
  • CRM
  • Digital Asset Management

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Write a review

from Mazing Marketing

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

We started using Ravetree about 7 months ago and our team love it! Before we made the switch we had 4 different systems plus we had to rely heavily on spreadsheets. Our favorite thing about Ravetree is how easy it is to get work done, and see the big picture. The file approval process and request form are particularly useful for our team.

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