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About WorkBook Software

Developed specifically for agencies by Deltek, WorkBook knows you and understands what you need. From daily tasks to the big picture; from project mobilizers who live at the epicenter of the work to the management team charged with the overall success and growth of your agency, WorkBook offers a complete agency management solution that provides the clarity and insight you need to manage your agency's project and financial needs, now and in the future.

WorkBook is a project management software suite designed for advertising and communications agencies. Perfect solution for multiple location and collaboration through integrated conversations. Ideal for project-driven organizations that require CRM, forecasting, project and resource management, traffic as well as integrated billing & accounting. Highly customizable solution with modular pricing. Pay only for what you need.

WorkBook Software Product Details

A smarter system that integrates project management, resource planning, CRM, file sharing, forecasting and accounting across all agency operations.

Utilizing WorkBook's agency management system software will effectively streamline agency processes so that employees spend less time on unbillable and administrative tasks and more time focusing on what’s important.

A few of the essential elements of WorkBook include:

  • Combines opportunity management, project and resource management, and financial management into one system
  • Easy-to-use, mobile timesheets that everyone will appreciate
  • Flexible project and task management that fits your agency workflow
  • Built-in collaboration features that store conversations and documents where they belong
  • Employee utilization metrics and resource capacity visibility weeks/months into the future
  • Reporting features that allow you to analyze data and mine insights from current and past projects
  • Integrated project and financial management functions that makes month-end reporting faster and more efficient

WorkBook Software Pricing



Log your time on any job you have access to and get a reminder if you forget to submit hours. You can log your time on any job – billable, non-billable, customer jobs, and internal jobs. WorkBook also keeps track of absence entries, vacations, and holiday requests.


Add as many customers, contacts, and projects/jobs as you like. Jobs are connected to clients and each job can be set to be billable, non-billable, internal, or a client job.


Collaborate with your colleagues and clients and keep track of comments, news, events, and notifications. Receive notifications whenever you need to approve anything, or a warning if something is about to go wrong.


Save all of your files in WorkBook and benefit from having them being kept secure in one, central location. Whenever a new customer or job is added, WorkBook will automatically create a folder structure (decided by you), allowing you to upload all of your documents and briefings to WorkBook. WorkBook will connect directly to your local file server or online storage, which means that you can save your files locally and have them be shown in WorkBook. Moreover, we have options to integrate with Google Drive or Dropbox.

WorkBook Software Support & Customer Service


Protect and extend the life of your WorkBook investment with unmatched support from Deltek Customer Care. With multiple support packages to choose from, Deltek lets you select the right level of support that best fits your unique business needs. And, because no one knows WorkBook software better than we do, our commitment to help you achieve more is unmatched.


We have an API that allows you to connect your WorkBook to other systems. Besides that, we have standard plug ‘n’ play API’s for Microsoft Business Solutions (NAV and AX), SAP, Google Mail & Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, MagPeople, Deep Dive WorkBook, ReadSoft, ActiveCampaign, more than 50 banks (for online banking and credit card integration), Google Drive and Dropbox.


We let you choose if you want us to host your system or if you want it to be installed on-premise. We have different data centers around the world and, depending on your location, we install in the data center nearest to you. This ensures fast system performance and less waiting time. If you prefer to host the system on your own server, that’s fine too.

WorkBook Software Free Trial Information

WorkBook offers a FREE TRIAL DEMO. Visit us at where you will find several ways to enter your information for a free demonstration.

WorkBook Software Key Features

  • erp
  • time sheet
  • resource management
  • project management
  • finance
  • crm
  • pipeline
  • forecasting
  • billing
  • budget

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WorkBook Software
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from AllAdvertising

Friday, August 23, 2013

We previously had 4 different systems (2 of which were open source meaning that functionality was severely lacking even though it was free!) that we were using on a daily basis and fighting a losing battle in attempting to get a true overview of our agency. We spent countless hours in re-entering data in 3 of these systems - these problems magically disappeared when WorkBook contacted me. Yes I have had to pay a little extra than I was currently paying but the time, money and effort that I am now saving every week is astounding. I am now using all areas of WorkBook (CRM, Project Management, Resource Management full Accounting system) providing me with a true overview of expected revenue, project progression and resource capacity, just to mention a few advantages. Brilliant.

Pros: 1 integrated system for all areas of my agency. Everyone uses the same system! Fantastic overview of the agency covering potential new business, upcoming and ongoing projects, resource capacity, invoicing and company financing.

Cons: I would like it if the CRM system could have more functionality.

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