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What is Interfacing?

Interfacing Technologies is the global leader in Business Process Management (BPM) software tools and quality management services. Recognized by Gartner® as a Digital Twin Leader, Interfacing offers all-in-one BPM solutions that are intuitively designed for business users to facilitate multiple organizational programs within a single platform through modeling, mapping, and management business processes and knowledge in one repository.

With over two decades of Business Process experience, Interfacing provides a wide range of award-winning products and services to help with the challenge of implementing BPM framework in your company. Highly adaptable to industry, driver and regulatory specific requirements, Interfacing’s leading Business Process Software, Digital Business Transformation Suite (DBTS), pays significant attention towards cost reduction, strategy execution, and digital transformation while preserving the natural flow of an organization.

The BPM software products, from desktop process modeling to an enterprise-wide, integrated and collaborative process and document management system, are designed to address any BPM needs and help companies achieve continuous process improvements, as well as other management programs such as ISO9000, Six Sigma and ITIL.

The company also has considerable BPM knowledge and talent to provide not only product training, but also strategic consulting throughout customer journey of an organization. Partnering with its customers has been an Interfacing staple since day one. Its exceptional customer service and direct support are carried out internationally with a global partnership channel spanning Europe, North/Latin America and Asia/Pacific. Besides, Interfacing invites new technology and consultancy companies to join its rewarding partnership program.

To-date, Interfacing has successfully served over 300 world-class enterprises and management consulting firms from such diverse industries as energy, finance, and healthcare. Its off the shelf solutions can be configured for just about any business, whether it is an SME or a multinational corporation.

With such a full spectrum of quality, governance, improvement and compliance initiatives that are highly adaptable to any business situation, Interfacing empowers organizations to efficiently govern business complexity, as well as integrate sustainable business processes at their own pace under full process management control.

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Interfacing Key Features

Workflow Management & Automation

SOP Compliance

Process Mapping & Modelling

Process Governance & Collaboration

Risk Analysis & Control

Customer Journey Mapping

KPI moinitoring

Process Analysis & Improvement

Rapid Application Development

RFP Strategy Development

What is Interfacing?

Interfacing Product Details

Interfacing Technologies enables organizations to efficiently govern business complexity and continuous transformation through process based quality, performance and compliance management solutions.

In addition to numerous awards, the Interfacing Enterprise Process Center (EPC) has been recognized by Gartner as a leading digital management software for multiple years now within 4 independent market categories, including: Enterprise Business Process Analysis (eBPA), Business Operating System (BOS), Digital Twin (DT) & Operational Intelligence (OI).

Interfacing's clients are noted medium to large organizations. The company partners with leading management consulting firms to provide integration, workflow, SOP, GRC and process excellence services worldwide.

Interfacing BPM solution is scalable and customizable. We can get you going by importing your existing MS Visio® processes, up to full scale and multidimensional process lifecycle management using multi-user BPM suite - the EPC.

Interfacing’s Enterprise Process Center supports the full range of process management initiatives; documentation and deployment, Process Governance (via Risk Management and Business Rules Management), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) implementation, and total process improvement through its integrated BI/Performance Module (powered by IBM Cognos). Interfacing’s solutions focus on motivating business users to create a strong process culture within their company through the implementation of best practice/quality frameworks and methodologies (BPMN, ITIL, eTOM, Six Sigma, SCOR, ISO).

Interfacing’s philosophy is to be the ambassadors of process management to the business world, providing solutions that can be customized to fit any work environment and bring superior results in efficiency and collaboration, thereby increasing profits.

Additionally, the DBTS was also selected by KMWorld as this year’s top trend-setting software, CIO Review’s Top 20 Business Process Management Software

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Interfacing is the global leader in business transformation, empowering organizations to efficiently govern business complexity through business process management software and quality management solutions.

Interfacing Support & Customer Service

Interfacing is committed to helping you ensure the continued success of your BPM initiative. Our range of training programs and process consulting services are designed to help you implement and manage your BPM program. We offer comprehensive product training and Process Training services designed to teach you BPM best-practices for process discovery workshops. Our range of Process Consulting services will support you through the process lifecycle, from process discovery and design to automation and execution.

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27 Reviews

Last reviewed on
22 September 2020

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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Verified Review

We were looking for a BPM tool that enabled us to manage our:
a. Process portal available to all employees and contractors, together with access for our external partners
b. Process Architecture including linking to the process maps in BPMN 2.0 with validation of our limited user-friendly version of BPMN, linked to the Process Architecture
c. Process documentation, including work instructions and procedures
d. Process Controls embedded in processes and linked to the risks and regulative compliance items
e. Process performance measures, including collecting any raw data from source systems, calculating measures, and then providing dashboards and reports for review
f. Process improvement initiatives with tools to support analysis and identification of processes requiring improvement
We needed the entire platform to provide a browser-based, user-friendly, and available on mobile devices (for our field staff and external partners) as well as desktop.
While it was still early days, Interfacing’s platform provided us with the flexibility to allow us to implement BPMN 2.0 without being too rigid. We also found that we had available additional capabilities, such as master data management and document management, which were also going to be extremely useful to bring new capabilities to the organization and replace legacy capabilities (already flagged for replacement) as our implementation program and rollout proceeded.
We have found the integrated manner of the capabilities of the platform work together and make it easier to complete the documentation of processes.
The platform is also highly configurable and customizable, although you should learn to "walk before you try to run". In other words, starting with the out-of-the-box implementation still provides a very feature rich environment that can be improved even further as your usage matures.
We haven’t even begun to investigate how we can exploit all the, such as process automation, as yet.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Great product for implementing BPM, with capabilities that go beyond the traditional BPM platform

We narrowed down the choice from 6 to 2, which were Interfacing's Digital Business Transformation Suite and Signavio. While the pricing was relatively close, Interfacing was cheaper and we found them easier to engage and work with during the selection process. We also found the platform offered a broader range of capabilities and was more configurable and customisable than Signavio.

While it was still early days, Interfacing's Digital Business Transformation Suite platform provided us with the flexibility to allow us to implement BPMN 2.0 without being too rigid. We also found that we had available additional capabilities, such as master data management and document management, which were also going to be extremely useful to bring new capabilities to the organization and replace legacy capabilities (already flagged for replacement) as our implementation program and rollout proceeded.

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Monday, June 15, 2020

For the Digital Business Transformation Suite:

These features, it's visual, the support service is all good.

I take care of EDM, so I use it every day.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

"We've worked with Interfacing since 2017. We've always been advised and finally we've choosen EPC solution because it matches with 95% of our needs. Before chosing definitivelly the solution, we've perfomed a Proof of Concept with key users and the conclusion was the following : user friendly and easy to handle. We've perfomed a project of existing data migration into EPC tool with interfacing development team. Everything was well managed with a good needs and expectation understanding and strong reactivity. The EPC solution is not fully deployed yet but we are confident. Interfacing Consulting, development and Architecture team has been always available to support us."

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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Improve Business Process Agility And Handshaking Between All Functions

We have past experience with EPC solution for business process developing process maps and business process re-engineerings projects. We were very satisfied with the software, training and support provided by the team.

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Friday, May 29, 2020

As a business process management consultant, I have helped companies implement and use the Interfacing EPC in order to manage and improve their business processes. Here are my key findings when using the EPC suite: Business process management: • It facilitated the analysis of the business needs since high level business modeling could be done in a’ clic’, live with the customer. • With the high level process visibility, it was easier to define the scope of the processes to be prioritized for improvement (e.g. business units, HR, Production, Quality, Purchasing, Engineering, Maintenance, Finance, Sales / MKTG, IT, or globally for the company). • Incorporation of best practices for process architecture such as APQC could be done easily. • Designing processes (modeling - mapping) could be done ‘LIVE’ with the people involved and then could be validated later with managers. (more)

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Monday, May 25, 2020

Enterprise Solution Implementation Review

The solution was implemented inline with the business needs snd we have had a complete success . The solution helped us optimize our business processes,reduce cost and drive revenue growth.

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Thursday, May 21, 2020

EPC - Cost Effective And It Work !!!

Very practical and focused organization. Excellent customer service, very focused on delivery and very capable. A win-win type organization.

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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Better understanding of organizations

Pros: Tool allows to capture and share all pertinent informations on the organizations in a very easy way. All the main objects can be documented with precision and sustainability within the tool thanks to the libraries. All the support you need is easily accessible in case of emergency or planified need. Very smart and demonstrative tool to improve the common understanding within the company or even with business partners.
Cons: We needed Java versions back in the days that were sometimes complicated to install in the right version on the computers.
Benefits: I was fully satisfied to use the software during a long program for modernisation of institutional organization.
The tool allows me to ask the right questions and make very easy all the deliverables to be produced after the analysis phase of the work.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

A worthy investment...

Pros: I believe this was not just a tactical investment for the company but also a strategic acquisition in our desire to create a high performance, agile business environment.
Cons: UI can still be improved. This affects usability and adaption.
Comments (Benefits): It was pivotal in our drive to really implement an organizational tool to develop and monitor key business strategies for our service operations.

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