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What is Online Gamification Software?

Gamification software is any tool to improve employee performance or customer engagement. There are a multitude of benefits, but some include: increased motivation; more effective learning; and more open communication between parties. Deployment of this software by the companies listed in this category is under the SaaS (Software as a Service) model which greatly reduces IT time and expense as there are no servers or licenses to buy and maintain. Categories of cloud software that are similar to these listed in the Gamification software are Customer Engagement Software and Customer Experience.

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Gamification Software

Arcade is a solution for sales teams that gamifies employee goals to measurably lift performance and retention (with proven results!). The software provides an all-in-one solution for rewards, recognition, contests, communication and staff training. Arcade is dynamic.. Learn more about Arcade.

12 Employees
4 Reviews
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Gamification Software

Cluetivity®, a privately held company, was founded in Berlin, Germany in 2010 by outdoor, tech and game fans. What is Cluetivity®? It’s an action-packed adventure experience that incorporates the best elements of a typical treasure hunt, with GPS-Geocaching,.. Learn more about Cluetivity.

9 Employees
2 Reviews
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