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What is Online Integration Solutions?

Online Integration Solutions give you the tools to integrate core business systems without the headache of coding and the need for qualified technical expertise. This can include connecting SaaS, Mobile and Cloud applications as well as on-premise systems. By utilizing the Cloud, Online Integration Solutions are able to be on-demand, multi-tenanted, secure and simple to upgrade, making them cost-effective and quick to benefit from.

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Integration Solutions is an award-winning digital transformation platform that powers VIP digital experiences through iPaaS, headless CMS and mBaaS. Connect with things in new places. Share with people in new ways. Bridge the past and future. Learn more about

208 Employees
2 Reviews
2,067 Tweets
Integration Technologies, Inc.

Integration Solutions

InterWeave Smart Solutions gives you an Integration as a Service platform that helps you integrate multiple enterprise systems, legacy applications, databases, files, content, and web services. These integrations are comprehensive and configurable, helping you create.. Learn more about Integration Technologies, Inc..

21 Employees
2 Reviews
317 Tweets
Kovair Software

Integration Solutions

Kovair Software is a Silicon Valley software product company specializing in the domain of Integrated Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions and supports global software development and management. Kovair’s focus on integrating third-party best-of-breed ALM.. Learn more about Kovair Software.

98 Employees
7 Reviews
3,561 Tweets
Kosmos Central

Integration Solutions

Save time and money and join the Kosmos eSync hub. Now you can transfer data without any data integrity problems between your POS/ERP and your shopping carts or other applications. Automate an eSync tasks to do the work for you! Secure Data transactions and.. Learn more about Kosmos Central.

9 Employees
2 Reviews
185 Tweets
Marketing Alternatives

Integration Solutions

Established in 1981, Marketing Alternatives, Inc. (MAI) is a privately-held marketing support services company. We are an outsourced provider of value-added customer engagement solutions designed to help companies build and strengthen relationships with their.. Learn more about Marketing Alternatives.

N/A Employees
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